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Future Naval Training System: Royal Canadian Navy expands its training enterprise

The RCN is assessing new training requirements for a slate of forthcoming platforms, including its AOPS, JSS, and CSC. (Royal Canadian Navy )

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Strategic Plan 2017–2022 referenced the modernisation and recapitalisation efforts under way, stating, “The challenge that lies ahead goes well beyond merely introducing new ships. It involves our organisational structure, all naval occupations, the training system, maintenance and support constructs, tactics, techniques, and procedures.” The overall training system for the RCN is in a state of evolution and is to ultimately culminate in the Future Naval Training System (FNTS) that is still in the planning and development stages.

Changes to the training process have been under study and gradually taking place since at least 2013, through the Naval Training System Transformation (NTST) programme directed by the commander of the Naval Personnel and Training Group (NPTG). A 2020 briefing from the director of General Naval Force Development about priorities and capital requirements for the RCN highlighted the unprecedented recapitalisation of the naval fleet being undertaken during peacetime in conjunction with preparation for expansion of future missions. To pave the way for the future fleet, modernisation of RCN training was identified as an important element of the process.

Process and infrastructure

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