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Elbit Systems to deliver simulators for UK Boxer and Challenger 3 vehicles

The GMST being supplied by Elbit Systems will provide individual classroom training through to integrated crew training at platoon level for up to four networked vehicles. (Janes/Patrick Allen)

Elbit Systems UK has been awarded a contract under Project Vulcan to supply and operate the British Army's Ground Manoeuvre Synthetic Trainer (GMST) system intended for the UK's Boxer and Challenger 3 (CR3) armoured vehicles, the company announced on 9 May.

The GMST is designed to offer comprehensive training for crews and individuals (drivers, gunners, and commanders) for the UK's Boxer infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), CR3 main battle tanks (MBTs), and any future armoured vehicles.

Initial deliveries of the GMST will support the arrival of the British Army's new Boxer vehicles, scheduled to be delivered in 2023. This preliminary capability will comprise a platform trainer that will deliver both collective and individual training requirements, the company said.

High fidelity driver trainers and cabins for turret and armament variants supported with a digital training management system will also be delivered as part of the contract. The simulators can be networked to allow soldiers to train simultaneously in different formations, vehicles, and locations, the company said.

Six manufacturers were invited to bid for Project Vulcan, including QinetiQ, Leonardo UK, CAE UK, and Lockheed Martin UK (LMUK). An initial investment of GBP90 million (USD113.52 million) has been purportedly earmarked for the programme, which could eventually increase to GBP200 million.

Project Vulcan will replace part of the Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) provided by LMUK, from low-level tactical training up to and including company/platoon-level. Higher-level collective training will not be replaced with GMST.

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