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DSEI 2023: Belgian Air Component opts for Rohde & Schwarz communications system

R&S M4ACS is an end-to-end mission control communication system being used by the Belgian Air Component for air traffic control. (Belgian Ministry of Defence)

The Belgian Air Component has selected Rohde & Schwarz's (R&S) end-to-end mission control communications system – R&S M4ACS – to improve air traffic control management.

Announced by the company at DSEI 2023 in London, the acquisition involves one fully redundant system with over 43 controller working positions.

The internet protocol (IP)-based voice communication system is now being operated by the Belgian military, offering the user the ability to separate classified and unclassified communications via a trusted audio switch, simplifying the air traffic controller's work, the company said in the announcement.

According to the company, R&S M4ACS allows the user control over voice connections and any radios (ultrahigh frequency [UHF], high frequency [HF], very-high frequency [VHF]) as well as access to crypto devices and internal and external telephone lines. It consists of various components including VHF, UHF, and HF radios; encryption boxes; gateways; phones; local area network/wide area network (LAN/WAN) infrastructure; application servers; and controller working positions (CWPs), including the audio switch and touch entry display.

The solution is suited for fixed and deployable military command centres and airbases, as well as for installation in mobile platforms. All communications can be operated from a single screen without any compromise on security.

The solution has been acquired by several international customers.

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