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DSEI 2021: ZeroAlpha Solutions showcases new power module for Polaris tactical vehicles

The ZeroAlpha Solutions ZAS-PM-093 Auxiliary Power Module mounted in the load bed of a Polaris M-RZR D. On top of it is the SFC Energy EMILY 3000 methanol fuel cell. Note the electro-optic/infrared turret for which the APM provides power. (ZeroAlpha Solutions)

ZeroAlpha Solutions Ltd has designed a lightweight, multisource power supply module for Polaris tactical lightweight vehicles and showcased it at the DSEI 2021 exhibition in London in September.

The ZAS-PM-093 auxiliary power module (APM) had been designed to provide in-service Polaris M-RZR platforms with the ability to support mission systems such as surveillance sensors, remote weapon stations, and communications, command-and-control systems as well as providing exportable DC power, Stewart Burton, ZeroAlpha Solutions owner, told Janes.

The basic M-RZR platform is unable to do this. The APM is designed to mount on the M-RZR load bed, however, it can be dismounted to deliver power independently of the vehicle. It contains lithium iron phosphate batteries, has a maximum capacity of 2.8 kWh, and can deliver up to 1.5 kW.

The APM provides an autonomous sustainable power system with minimum effect on the overall load-carrying capacity of the M-RZR platform, Burton said.

Burton said that when mounted, the APM can be recharged from the vehicle alternator. It can also be charged using a conventional 28 V DC generator, but to support silent operations an alternative method uses a methanol fuel cell. He cited the SFC Energy EMILY 3000 as an example of this, which, while consuming 10 litres of fuel, can provide constant recharging for 88 h at 3,000 Wh/day.

The APM can also be connected to a solar panel. It contains a charging control system, which matches power consumption to provision by monitoring the battery state.

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