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DSEI 2021: Inzpire launches deployable training gear for UAS, JTAC operators

Inzpire's CASE mixed-reality JTAC trainer. Note the HMD with pass-through cameras, which can be used in conjunction with the emulated laser target designator. On the screen is a soft version of a DAGR. (Giles Ebbutt)

Inzpire has developed deployable training equipment for both unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operators and joint terminal attack controllers (JTAC), and showcased these at the DSEI exhibition in London in September.

Steven Pook, head of mission training devices at Inzpire, told Janes the equipment had been developed because of the problems of skill fade, when operators are deployed but are not using all aspects of their specialisation nor have access to fixed training facilities to practise these. “The answer is to take the training with the trainee,” he said.

Pook said the UAS trainer was the first element of the Compact Agile Simulated Equipment (CASE) range to be developed. The version displayed at DSEI consists of a single prewired box containing two operator workstations and one instructor workstation, and all the necessary operator control equipment. The instructor station communicates with the operators using voice or via a chat facility. “All you have to do is open the box, plug in the power and the controls, and you're ready to go,” said Pook, noting that the fastest set-up time achieved is three minutes.

The system is agnostic to the type of UAS and the HMI is editable to match whatever system is being trained. It can be networked with the CASE JTAC trainer to provide either simulated surveillance or kinetic effect, and the UAS weapons models are editable to reflect different weapon loads, Pook said.

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