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Dearsan USV Salvo conducts first live-firing trial

Dearsan's Salvo AUSV conducted a live-firing test in the Marmara Sea on 25 May 2022. (Dearsan)

The new Salvo armed unmanned surface vessel (AUSV) under development by Turkish shipbuilder Dearsan has successfully conducted its first life-firing trial, the shipbuilder has announced.

During the live-firing test, which was held in the Marmara Sea on 25 May, the Salvo AUSV launched a Cirit missile to successfully engage a moving surface target, Dearsan said.

Launched in January, Salvo is the first of a family of USVs under development by Dearsan for a range of missions, including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

The Salvo has an overall length of 14.79 m, with a 3.83 m beam, and a 0.75 m draft. It has a maximum speed of between 45–60 kt depending on the configuration of the diesel engine, and a range of 300 n miles.

The combat version is armed with an Aselsan 12.7 mm remote-controlled weapon station on its front deck and a Roketsan four-barrelled stabilised turret system aft capable of firing Cirit and L-UMTAS missiles.

The Cirit is an infrared (IR)-guided 70 mm missile with a maximum range of 8 km, which is designed to engage soft-skinned stationary and mobile targets. In contrast, the L-UMTAS is a long-range, laser-guided missile intended to defeat armoured threats out to a comparable range. Both weapons are supplied by Roketsan.

Salvo is equipped with an electro-optical surveillance sensor mounted on a telescopic mast, a navigation radar, and a YAMGOZ 360 close-range surveillance system developed by Aselsan.

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