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DASA launches new competition for advanced RF ISR innovations

The UK's Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is launching a new GBP2.8 million (USD3.7 million) competition for advanced radio-frequency (RF) sensing; integrated effects; and position, navigation, and timing (PNT), the UK government announced on 24 February.

A total of GBP2.8 million will be made available for Phase 1 of the competition, with up to 15–20 proposals expected. According to the announcement, submissions are due by 26 April.

DASA are looking for key innovations in “multi-function, distributed RF sensing (including radar and electronic surveillance of both communications and radar bands) to support ISR and the targeting, delivery, and post-action assessment of integrated RF effects. Multi-modal aspects within or between platforms are welcomed,” the notice outlined.

The competition is funded by the Bright Corvus Project, which seeks to develop advanced and distributed RF sensing, integrated RF effects, and the provision of PNT as a Service (PNTaaS). The project has an initial four-year timeframe that started in mid-2021, with the potential for follow-on work. The project falls under the Ministry of Defence Future Sensing and Situational Awareness Science & Technology programme.

The competition is comprised of five challenges, including distributed RF sensing, integrated sensing and effects, integrated sensing and effects enablers, PNTaaS, and novel concepts and architectures for advanced RF sensing and effectors.

Solutions should demonstrate their relevance to the Bright Corbus project through contextualised use of platforms or scenarios, the announcement detailed. They are interested in considering platforms ranging from “dismountable, manportable systems, unmanned vehicles, and elements [that] can be mounted onto manned platforms (including pods)”, and solutions that show how innovations could deliver benefits in a challenging physical, congested, or disrupted electromagnetic environment, DASA added.

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