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Czech Army unveils new indigenous STARKOM tactical communication jammer

The STARKOM tactical communication jammer with all four antenna masts extended to a height of 8 m. (Michal Zdobinsky)

Janes has learnt details of the STAvebnicový Rušič KOMunikační (Modular Communication Jammer: STARKOM), one of the main components of a mobile electronic warfare (EW) system. The first STARKOM system was delivered to the Czech Army's 53rd Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Regiment in mid-October.

The system was developed and manufactured entirely in the Czech Republic in only three years. The main contractor is the state-owned VVU Brno military research institute, with the software (SW) and key hardware components related to EW provided by specialised Czech jamming systems manufacturer URC Systems, supported by systems engineering company JISR Institute.

STARKOM is a modular tactical jammer mounted on a Tatra Force T-815-7T3RC1 8×8 chassis with an extended wheelbase designed to jam aerial and land targets on the operational-tactical level. It jams enemy analog and digital voice and data communications in the very-high-frequency/ultra-high frequency/super-high frequency (VHF/UHF/SHF) bands, including Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) bands of mobile networks. It has the ability to counter including modern frequency-agile systems such as frequency-hopping ones. The system is not only used for powerful jamming across the tactical waveband for electronic countermeasures but can also be used for electronic support measures as a radio reconnaissance, direction-finding, and surveillance sensor that can conduct a detailed analysis of enemy radio signals.

The jammer's electronic protective measures capability facilitates jamming of radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) triggered from various sources, covering all frequency spectrums of, for example, commercial radios, radio-controlled models, mobile phones, WiFi, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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