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Chess Dynamics selected to supply electro-optical systems for Hunter class

An illustration of the SeaEagle FCEO surveillance system that will go onboard the RAN's first batch of Hunter-class frigates. (Chess Dynamics)

Chess Dynamics has been selected by BAE Systems to supply the former's SeaEagle fire-control electro-optical (FCEO) system for the Royal Australian Navy's (RAN's) first batch of Hunter-class frigates.

The SeaEagle is a stabilised electro-optical system that can be incorporated with a wide variety of naval guns, directing these weapons against air, surface, and shore targets.

The system is equipped with a daylight camera, a high-resolution infrared camera, and an eye-safe laser rangefinder. It will be integrated into the Hunter class' combat management system.

Besides the RAN's future Hunter-class frigates, the SeaEagle has also been selected for the UK Royal Navy's Type 26 Global Combat Ship programme.

In response to questions from Janes, Chess Dynamics disclosed that the system that will be supplied to Australia will be equipped with a video tracker board and software package known as the CHARM-80, which has been developed by a Chess brand known as Vision4ce.

The video tracker board and software feature adaptive background removal, automatic coast identification, and automated object detection capabilities. It can detect surface vessels, objects on land, and both manned and unmanned aircraft.

β€œThis detection and tracking software enables multiple object detection and tracking and robust clutter rejections,” said the company in its response on 4 April.

With this package, the SeaEagle and the weapons it controls can undertake passive targeting operations, which reduces the overall operator burden, it added.

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