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British Army praises artillery training solution, eyes improvements

Cubic's artillery mission training system (AMTS) installed on a 105 mm L118 Light Gun at the Royal School of Artillery, Larkhill. The visible appliqué elements (to the left of the breech and under the barrel) are bright blue. (Giles Ebbutt)

The British Army has learnt a number of lessons from its use of Cubic's artillery mission training system (AMTS) and is introducing improvements to it.

The AMTS has been in use at the Royal School of Artillery at Larkhill and elsewhere as a concept capability demonstrator since late 2018. It consists of an appliqué instrumentation kit that is fitted to the 105 mm L118 Light Gun. Speaking at the 2022 Omega Joint Military Training & Simulation Conference, Alistair Parkinson, head of UK cross domain LVC programmes and indirect fire systems at Cubic, said that this shows where the gun is in time and space, where the barrel is pointing, and when it is fired.

Instrumented emulated ammunition, which is 10% of the weight of the real thing and enables 10 rounds to be stacked into the breech, provides charge and fuze setting. The combined gun and ammunition data enables the round impact point to be calculated.

The gun can either be operated within a synthetic environment for dry training or integrated into a live instrumented tactical engagement simulation (TES) system over a communications network to provide a realistic effect on the forces involved. All data is recorded for after-action review.

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