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Brazil acquires new satcom capability for LPD fleet

The NDM Bahia LPD, formerly the Foudre-class FS Siroco LPD with the French Navy between 1998 and 2015, was acquired by Brazil in 2015. (Victor Barreira )

The Brazilian Navy is acquiring a new satellite communications (satcom) system for NDM Bahia (G40) multi-purpose landing platform dock (LPD) to improve the satcom capability of the amphibious warfare ship.

A tender launched by the Brazilian Naval Commission in Washington, DC, on behalf of the Logistics Center for Navy Material, took place between September and October for the acquisition, installation, activation, and integration of an X-band, dual antenna satcom terminal, for the NDM Bahia ship.

Janes was told that the proposals received from undisclosed interested companies are currently being analysed for decision.

The satcom systems aboard Brazilian warships are usually linked to SISCOMIS, the country's system for military satellite communications, which utilises the SGDC-1 strategic communications satellite for X-band transmission.

Since being commissioned in March 2016 for Surface Force Command, the NDM Bahia has received several new capabilities, including commercial communications, auxiliaries, navigation systems, two 20 mm Oerlikon GAM-BO1 cannon systems, satellite TV systems, and medical support equipment.

The ship has also been outfitted with hardware and software elements of the Sistema Integrado de Comando y Control de la Marina de Brasil (Sic2MB) integrated command-and-control system.

Previous statements by the Brazilian Navy to Janes said that the ship would also be equipped with the Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine Visionmaster series navigation radar and the Defensor MK3 electronic support measures (ESM) system, developed by the Navy Research Institute.

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