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AUSA 2021: InVeris showcases new Virtual Reality – Decisions and Tactics training system

InVeris Training Solutions' VR-DT uses virtual reality to prepare users for de-escalation of force situations. (InVeris Training Solutions)

InVeris Training Solutions (formerly Meggitt Training Systems) revealed its immersive Virtual Reality – Decisions and Tactics (VR-DT ) system for de-escalation training at the Association of the United States Army's (AUSA's) annual meeting.

VR-DT is “the genesis of what we've been doing from the FATS side of the house,” Eric Perez, InVeris director of military system sales and business development, told Janes ahead of the meeting. FATS trainers – employed by several Department of Defence organisations – use large screens for marksmanship, scenarios that test trainees' judgement, or collective training for small units. VR-DT is meant to be more dynamic and immersive, Perez noted.

“VR-DT enhances training for de-escalation, safety tactics, mental health crisis intervention, use of force, and protocol,” the company said. A customised laptop enables an instructor “to direct the scenarios, environments, and weapons”.

Based on trainees' actions, the instructor “can branch the scenarios to escalate or de-escalate the situation, and review their decision-making skills to ensure proper tactics are used from any angle during after action review”, InVeris said. Rather than using pre-programmed responses within the software for the training scenarios, with VR-TD the instructor can be the subject's voice and communicate with the trainee.

VR-DT combines hardware, scalable software, and “a content library that is always increasing”, the company said. There are so far approximately 100 different avatars, plus an ‘Anytown USA' that includes normal urban or suburban scenes like a gas station or library, and InVeris creates new content either based on the contracts they receive or on perceived needs, such as a security gate at a military base, Perez said.

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