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Argentina's FixView reveals new FV-200 multisensor turret

FixView unveiled its new FV-200 gyrostabilised multisensor turret in April. A mock-up is being tested on the RUAS-160 UAV while FixView integrates the turret. (Santiago Rivas)

Argentina's FixView unveiled its new FV-200 gyrostabilised multisensor turret – developed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), light aircraft, and other platforms – based on the bigger FV-300.

The FV-300 has been acquired by the Argentine Army, Coast Guard, Buenos Aires City Police, and some private operators.

The new device is smaller to fit on UAVs with up to 7 kg of payload. It weighs 5 kg and can carry a TV camera with 30× zoom, a thermal camera, and a laser rangefinder capable of detecting a 2.3×2.3 m target up to 7 km, Marcelo Buteler, CEO of FixView, told Janes.

The FV-200 has video autotracking and can geolocate targets. The system will be also equipped with real-time transmission, using a system from SVP Broadcast Microwave, with a range of 80 km via a portable receiver terminal or 150 km with a larger terminal, both equipped with a control console with a joystick and a display for images and a moving map, Buteler said.

The turret is aluminium, watertight, and is made to meet NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG)environmental standards for vibrations and temperature ranges. Its components are Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) to ease maintenance.

Five turrets have been ordered by INVAP for use on the RUAS-160 UAV project, and the Argentine Air Force has shown interest in the turret for its Vigía 1B UAV programme, Buteler added.

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