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APS delivers SKYctrl skid C-UAS to GCC customer

APS SKYctrl skid C-UAS with FIELDctrl 3D MIMO radar, CyView C2, and the Mk 44 Bushmaster II single 30 mm cannon. (APS)

Polish company Advanced Protection Systems (APS) is delivering its SKYctrl skid counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) to a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) customer, Janes learnt.

A spokesperson from APS told Janes on 14 February that the GCC customer has ordered an undisclosed number of SKYctrl skidss, with deliveries ongoing since December 2023. They were unable to elaborate on the order for security reasons.

Skid is a multilayer C-UAS solution with non-kinetic and kinetic effectors designed to detect, track, classify, and neutralise unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The C-UAS is jointly developed by APS and UK-based MSI Defence Systems, incorporating the non-kinetic (soft-kill) FIELDctrl 3D MIMO radar panels, the CyView C2 (command-and-control) system, and a 30 mm MK44 Bushmaster chain gun manufactured by MSI Defence Systems.

FIELDctrl 3D MIMO enables the detection, tracking, and classification of UAVs, featuring a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar that has a field-of-view of 90° in azimuth and 60° in elevation. The effective detection and classification range for micro-UAVs (0.2–20 kg) is 3 km with a minimum radar cross-section of 0.01 m² at an altitude of 1 m and above, including when the UAV is hovering (0 m/s). The 31.4 kg radar operates in a frequency of operation and tuning range of 9.7–10 GHz with a bandwidth of 300 MHz and measures 645×360×180 mm. It has an IP66/IP67 ingress protection, requires a supply voltage of 24 V DC and 230 V AC, and has an output power of 80 W, 19 dBW.

CyView C2, meanwhile, tracks the position, direction, and altitude of UAVs, transmitting the data to both non-kinetic and kinetic effectors.

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