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WDS 2024: Hoverwing showcases strike-capable HW150V UAV

The HW150V UAV is equipped with a three-axis mechanically stabilised electro-optic/infrared pod. (Janes/Akshara Parakala)

Beijing-based Hoverwing Technology (also known as Hangyi Technology) showcased the HW150V hybrid vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the World Defense Show (WDS) 2024 held in Riyadh from 4 to 8 February.

Speaking to Janes, a Hoverwing official said the HW150V is an operationally proven platform, which can carry out intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); target-tracking; homeland security; and attack missions. The UAV is manufactured from carbon fibre-reinforced polymer and features an in-house-developed datalink, an electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) pod, and a ground control station (GCS), the official added.

The HW150V has a modular structure and can be assembled/disassembled without any tools. The UAV can be equipped with a wide range of optronic sensor payloads supporting moving target identification, day and night imaging, and precision targeting. The UAV features a closed-loop altitude algorithm, and sensors manufactured by Hoverwing that support continuous operation in the event of signal interference. It also features a triple-redundant flight control system, which aids operations in austere environments, the official said.

According to Hoverwing the HW150V can operate with other UAVs in the company's portfolio during extended datalink and strike missions. The concept of operations for HW150V includes integrated airborne cluster reconnaissance and strike (two HW150Vs fly in formation), integrated airborne reconnaissance and strike (a single HW150V equipped with a reconnaissance-and-strike package), and separated airborne reconnaissance and strike (a smaller HW16V UAV providing data on the target and an HW150V delivering precision-guided bombs).

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