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UMEX 2024: Wedrones progresses with development of F100 Karma UAV

The F100 Karma UAV is being developed to intercept Class I and II UAVs. (Janes/Amit Kalra)

Wedrones – a United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based integrated aerial solution provider – exhibited its new F100 Karma unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) during the Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference (UMEX) 2024 in Abu Dhabi.

Speaking to Janes on 22 January , a representative of Wedrones said the F100 Karma UAV is primarily designed to be a reusable UAV that will be capable of intercepting and neutralising Class I and II UAVs (weighing up to 150 kg) through small-arms ammunition. In terms of its development to date, Wedrones has successfully carried out simulations on the aerodynamics of the aerial vehicle and completed construction of the first airframe, the representative added.

The F100 Karma is a small fixed-wing UAV featuring a sweptback low wing with upturned wingtips. The fuselage of the UAV accommodates avionics, a multisensor payload, a powerplant, and a dorsal air intake. The aft section of the fuselage accommodates a powerplant that drives a two-blade propeller in a pusher configuration. The UAV features an inverted V-tail, which is fitted to the twin booms fitted to the inner wing sections on both sides of the fuselage.

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