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Singapore Airshow 2024: South Korean firm displays amphibious cargo UAV

Kencoa Aerospace displayed a 1:10 scale model of its 100 kg payload UAV. (Janes/Prasobh Narayanan)

Kencoa Aerospace, a company based in Sancheon, South Korea, displayed a model of its amphibious multicopter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the Singapore Airshow 2024 held 20โ€“25 February.

Speaking to Janes, a Kencoa Aerospace official said the UAV โ€“ named KV-1 โ€“ has a 100 kg payload carrying capacity and can be adapted for cargo and firefighting applications. The UAV can be used for military and civilian applications, the company said.

The UAV has an octocopter design configuration and is powered by eight electric motors, each driving a two-bladed propeller. These motors are powered by a lithium polymer battery pack. The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)-capable UAV has a length of 3.5 m, a width of 3.3 m, and a height of 1.2 m.

The UAV has a weight of 149 kg without payload and is capable of a maximum endurance of 30 minutes. In terms of its design, the cargo is carried in a podded structure, which acts as the centre fuselage of the UAV.

Four structural arms extend laterally outwards from the centre fuselage, and two longitudinal boom-like structures are attached to these lateral arms on either side of the fuselage. Two underside floats are attached to the twin booms that help in amphibious operations. The UAV structure is largely made of carbon fibre composite materials.

The KV-1 UAV is remote controlled and, according to Kencoa, is a โ€˜purely' indigenous platform. The UAV can also be used for shipborne operations, rescue, and logistics operations.

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