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Singapore Airshow 2024: PT Dirgantara secures first military order for N219

A model of the N219 at Singapore Airshow 2022. (Janes/Ridzwan Rahmat)

State-owned aerospace company PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) has secured its first-ever contract for the N219 twin-turboprop aircraft with a military customer.

A company representative who spoke to Janes at Singapore Airshow 2024 has confirmed that a USD68 million contract for six airframes was signed with the Indonesian Ministry of Defence (MoD) in November 2023. All six units will be delivered to the Indonesian Army.

PTDI's N219 aircraft derives its design from the Airbus Military C212 Aviocar and it was first conceived in 2007 as a multimission, short take-off and landing platform that can operate from austere runways, such as those found in the remote provinces of Indonesia.

A prototype of the aircraft was completed in 2015 and it was partly funded with grants from Indonesia's Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises. The maiden flight was achieved in 2017.

The N219 has an overall length of 16.7 m, a height of 6.2 m, and a wingspan of 19.5 m. It has a maximum take-off weight of 7,030 kg (15,498 lb) and it can deliver a maximum payload of 2,313 kg (5,099 lb).

Powered by two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42 turboprop engines, the N219 has maximum and economic cruising speeds of 389 km/h and 315 km/h respectively. When carrying the maximum payload of about 19 passengers, the aircraft has a range of approximately 900 km.

The aircraft to be supplied to the Indonesian Army will be configured for troop and cargo transport operations.

For more information on the N219, please seeDirgantara N219 Nurtanio .

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