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Singapore Airshow 2022: PT Dirgantara to sweeten deal for Philippine patrol aircraft requirement

A cut-out model of the CN235 MPA at Singapore Airshow 2022. (Janes/Ridzwan Rahmat)

Indonesian state-owned aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara (PTDI) is sweetening its offer for the Philippine Air Force's (PAF's) requirement for two maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) platforms by offering to work with local industry players on the project.

A PTDI representative told Janes at Singapore Airshow 2022 that the company has been unsuccessful in making a bid in the programme multiple times since 2014, but will now change its strategy to a more direct approach instead.

Given that the bidding process has failed multiple times because of technical reasons, PTDI expects the Philippine Department of Defense (DND) to begin approaching selected vendors directly. In anticipation of this, PTDI has begun arranging proposals that can be taken with Philippine companies should it be selected for the programme.

Details of these proposals cannot be revealed because of confidentiality concerns, said the representative. However, the aircraft that will be offered for the Long Range Patrol Aircraft (LRPA)programme is still the maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) variant of the CN235, which is the same aircraft type that has been submitted to the DND during past bidding attempts.

The CN235 MPA is in service with the Indonesian Navy. The platform has an overall length of 21.4 m, a wingspan of 25.81 m, and an endurance of 8.5 hours. In addition to maritime patrol and search-and-rescue operations, the Indonesian Navy also utilises the aircraft for anti-submarine warfare operations.

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