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Russian military to receive 200 aircraft, 26 S-350 and S-400 air-defence systems, says Putin

The Russian armed forces is set to receive approximately 200 aircraft and 26 S-350 and S-400 air-defence systems in the coming years, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with military officials and representatives of the defence industry in Sochi on 1 November. The military will also receive their first series production S-500 air-defence systems, he added.

Regarding the development of a centralised air-defence system, Putin said, β€œThe upgraded air defence network should detect any hypersonic or ballistic targets at long ranges and be capable of engaging them along any flight trajectory.” He expected the proportion of modern equipment in service with the air defence forces to reach 80% by 2025–27.

Turning to the Russian Navy, Putin said that approximately 30 blue-water naval platforms, including new amphibious assault ships, are under construction. β€œThe navy has received 49 new ships and boats, nine mobile coastal defence missile systems, and 10 aircraft,” he said, adding that the proportion of new equipment in service with the navy would exceed 70% by 2027. The creation of green-water naval task forces was nearing completion, Putin added.

The Russian military has reinforced its counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAV) capabilities and its UAV component is being modernised, with approximately 2,000 UAVs in service, according to Putin.

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