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Israel's Aeronautics launches hybrid-propulsion multirotor

Aeronautics Systems' hybrid-propulsion Octoper H mulitrotor UAV. (Aeronautics Systems)

The Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer Aeronautics Systems announced on 29 May that it has developed a new version of its Octoper multicopter with a hybrid-propulsion system.

It said the Octoper H uses a generator as its main power source and has a backup battery that can provide 10 minutes of power for quieter flight. This hybrid-propulsion system significantly increases the Octoper H's endurance and reduces the frequency of battery and UAV replacements, according to the company.

It released photographs showing an electrically powered Octoper fitted with a fuel tank on one side and a small piston engine between its landing gear.

The company's website says the standard Octoper has a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 25 kg with a 10 kg payload, an endurance of 60 minutes, and a range of 30 km, which can be extended to four hours and 100 km with the optional hybrid kit.

Aeronautics says the Octoper is a military-oriented platform that can be used for a wide range of missions and easily integrated into command-and-control systems.

The company announced its first hybrid-propulsion platform in June 2019, saying it had fitted an engine to its Orbiter 3, a small electrically powered fixed wing, that doubled its endurance to 12 hours. However, this concept does not seem to have been developed into a product.

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