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Indra to install satcom terminals for Norwegian military

Indra to implement satcom antennas (pictured) to enable the Norwegian military to access the WGS constellation directly. (Indra)

Indra was awarded a contract by the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency to install satellite communication (satcom) ground segments as part of the Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) satellite constellation.

Indra plans to implement X- and Ka-band nodes (antennas), “which will act as a gateway between user terminals at various locations for the WGS constellation”, the company announced on 6 October.

These WGS-certified antennas will utilise the constellation to provide satcom services, the announcement added.

According to information disclosed by the company to Janes, the terminals will enable the Norwegian military to access the WGS constellation directly and facilitate the “sharing of satellite communication between military users”.

The company added that “these terminals are to be used by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, nevertheless, as they are WGS-certified, other end-users in the WGS constellation can acquire these terminals from Indra”.

They were unable to detail the value and delivery timeframes of the contract.

WGS is a US Space Force high-capacity military satcom constellation, manufactured by Boeing and principally intended for the US Department of Defense (DoD) and the US military. It comprises three principal elements – Space Segment (satellites), Control Segment (operators), and Terminal Segment (users). Major partners or users of the constellation include Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, and the Netherlands.

WGS space vehicles (SVs) are the DoD's highest-capacity communications satellites.

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