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Indo Defence 2022: Baykar in talks with Indonesian government on Bayraktar TB2, Akinci UAVs

A model of the Bayraktar Akinci UAV at Indo Defence 2022. (Janes/Ridzwan Rahmat)

Turkish defence company Baykar is in talks with the Indonesian government to discuss the Bayraktar TB2 and Akinci lines of strike-capable unmanned aerial systems.

A source who spoke to Janes at Indo Defence 2022, being held in Jakarta, from 2 to 5 November, confirmed that meetings are taking place with various personnel to discuss the systems' capabilities but is not able to give further information on these citing confidentiality issues.

Models of both the TB2 and Akinci unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are on display at the stand of Baykar, which is taking part in the Indo Defence 2022 exhibition.

According to specifications released by the company at its stand, the TB2 has a wingspan of 12 m and a maximum take-off weight of 650 kg. It can carry payloads of up to 55 kg and features an endurance of up to 24 hours, with communications range of up to 150 km.

Powered by a single 100 hp internal combustion engine, the UAV can attain a maximum speed of 135 kt and a cruising speed of between 70 and 80 kt. It can be armed with laser-guided munitions mounted on hardpoints beneath its wings.

Meanwhile, the Akinci has a wingspan of 20 m and a maximum take-off weight of 6,000 kg. It can carry payloads of up to 150 kg, and it can undertake beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) operations at distances of up to 5,000 km.

It is powered by two 450 hp or 750 hp turboprop engines as it can attain a top speed of 195 kt. Like the TB2, it can carry a variety of laser-guided munitions including Mk 81, 82, and 83 guided bombs.

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