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Farnborough 2022: Turkey on course for TF-X/MMU, Hürjet milestones

A full-scale mock-up of the TF-X/MMU combat aircraft was showcased at the Farnborough Airshow. (Janes/Gareth Jennings)

Turkish Aerospace (TA) is on course to deliver simultaneous milestones for Turkish Fighter Experimental (TF-X)/National Combat Aircraft (MMU) and the Hürjet advanced jet trainer aircraft, with the company telling Janes and other defence media that 18 March 2023/2025 will be highly significant dates for both projects.

Speaking at the Farnborough Airshow on 19 July, TA President and CEO Temel Kotil said the rollout of TF-X/MMU and the first flight of the Hürjet are both timed to take place on 18 March 2023 to coincide with Turkey's Gallipoli victory day. He added that the TF-X/MMU will make its maiden flight on the same day in 2025.

“We are counting down the days,” Kotil said, adding, “Progress is going well, and we are on track – the rollout [of TF-X/MMU] is a big deal for us. The Hürjet will fly on the same day”.

In terms of TF-X/MMU, Kotil noted that TA has largely had to stand up a Turkish design, development, and manufacturing capability from scratch. “Lesson one if you are building a fighter in Turkey is that you need to build the infrastructure to do this”, he said. “Lesson two is that you need the engineers, while lesson three is that the subsystems all also need to be built in Turkey.

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