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Eurosatory 2022: Serbia shows Gavran loitering weapon system

Seen at Eurosatory in Paris, the Graven is a Serbia-developed loitering munition that is currently in its initial development phase. (Igor Bozinovski)

Serbian state-owned export agency Yugoimport used the Eurosatory 2022 defence fair to showcase the country's first loitering weapon system, the Gavran (Raven).

Currently in the initial development phase, the Gavran is intended to be a low-cost, long-range intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) system and strike weapon.

Launched by solid propellant booster and powered by either a combustion or electric engine driving a pusher propeller, the Gavran is 4.5 m in length and has a 3.2 m wingspan. The air vehicle has a 50 kg maximum take-off weight and a 15 kg payload capability, and can fly at 120 km/h while loitering for up to 30 mins at about 5,000 ft out to a range of up to 100 km.

The interchangeable explosive payload of each Gavran vehicle would be made of a 175 mm / 12 kg combined shaped-charge, high-explosive fragmentation warhead, or other types of target-tailored weapon packages, including 122 mm / 13 kg, 130 mm / 10.5 kg, and 145 mm / 6.4 kg warheads.

The Gavran weapon system is designed to operate in a swarm of several vehicles operated from a single command post used for launching, with flight information relayed through encrypted radio datalinks. Capable of being readied and launched from a vehicle-mounted container in one minute, the Gavran would use inertial, GPS, GLONASS, and in the final stage TV/infrared imaging camera homing.

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