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Embraer, Mahindra to collaborate on C-390 bid for IAF

Embraer sees its C-390, which has a cargo-carrying capacity of 26 tons and the ability to operate as multimission transport aircraft, as a key contender for the India Air Force's MTA acquisition project. (Embraer)

Embraer Defense & Security and Mahindra Defence Systems have announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate on the C-390 Millennium bid for the Indian Air Force's (IAF's) Medium Transport Aircraft (MTA) procurement project.

As part of the MOU, which was signed in New Delhi on 9 February, Embraer and Mahindra will “jointly pursue the MTA programme”, according to Bosco da Costa Junior, president and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security.

Under the MTA project, the IAF seeks to acquire a batch of 40, 60, or 80 transport aircraft. In its request for information (RFI), which was released in February 2023, the IAF said the aircraft are required to have a cargo-carrying capacity of between 18 and 30 tons. Embraer has previously told Janes that the C-390 can carry 26 tons of cargo, making the aircraft eligible.

“Embraer and Mahindra will engage with the [IAF] to identify the next steps of the MTA programme,” Embraer said on 9 February. The two companies will also “contact the local aerospace industry in India to start developing the industrialisation plan for the project”, the company added.

Vinod Sahay, president Aerospace and Defence Sector and member of Group Executive Board, Mahindra, said the partnership aims to “provide an … industrialisation solution that aligns with the objectives of ‘Make in India'”. AMahindra spokesperson declined to provide additional details about the collaboration.

Mahindra Defence Systems is a 100% owned subsidiary of Mahindra.

For additional information on the C-390 Millennium, please seeEmbraer C-390 Millennium.

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