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DSEI Japan 2023: Toshiba unveils long-range detection radar

Toshiba displayed its C-UAS, incorporating a long-range radar, at the DSEI Japan 2023 show in Chiba. (Janes/Sunil)

Japanese firm Toshiba revealed a radio frequency (RF) detection sensor and a long-range detection radar as part of a counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) solution at the DSEI Japan 2023 show in Chiba.

The C-UAS solution, which the company has not named, includes an RF sensor; a short-, medium-, and long-range radar; two cameras; and a net gun-based autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) countermeasure.

Toshiba said its RF detection sensor passively detects UAS control signals at distances of 4 km. It said its short-, medium-, and long-range radars can detect UASs from 0.8 km, 1.8 km, and 5 km, respectively.

The company added that the detection range of its long-range radar can be increased up to 20 km, depending on the radar cross-section (RCS) of the hostile UAS. The information obtained by the radar is cued to a Bosch PTZ camera and an unidentified US-origin optical and thermal camera.

The autonomous UAV countermeasure is deployed to capture a hostile UAS by deploying net guns, which can tow the UAS to a safe location.

Toshiba also said the C-UAS will be enhanced by a jammer module, which is under development, to counter the communication and control links of hostile UASs.

The company said the short- and medium-range radars and the autonomous hunting UAV were developed in the US, and the RF detection sensor and the long-range radar were made by Toshiba.

According to Toshiba, the RF detection and long-range detection radar have been trialled in Japan. The autonomous hunting UAV with the short- and medium-range radar was deployed during the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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