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DSEI 2023: SpearUAV introduces multi-launch system for Viper 300

In this artist's rendition the Multi Canister Launcher is installed on the side of a turret. (SpearUAV)

SpearUAV has developed a unit capable of launching multiple Viper 300 loitering munitions.

Speaking to Janes at DSEI 2023 in London, where the unit was debuted, the company's chief business development officer, Itamar Ben-Tovim, said that work on the Multi Canister Launcher (MCL) commenced around two years ago in response to customer demand and internal recognition of the operational benefits of the capability.

In its present form the MCL combines four of the Viper 300's encapsulated launchers, but Ben-Tovim said that this could be scaled to include more or fewer units.

Trials to date have been both in-house and involving the Israeli military and have seen the MCL integrated on a range of manned and unmanned vehicles, including what Ben-Tovim said was an in-service Israeli main battle tank – although he could not confirm, this is presumably an Israel Defense Forces' Merkava.

The MCL can launch Viper 300 air vehicles individually, sequentially, or simultaneously, Ben-Tovim explained, with the operator able to do so from within the host vehicle or remotely.

Ben-Tovim said that the MCL can be used when vehicles are on-the-move but could not disclose at up to what speed this can be done, except to say that it has been tested at “manoeuvring speeds”.

The launcher is in the final phases of qualification, Ben-Tovim said, and SpearUAV are considering the development of a similar capability for the company's larger Viper 750.

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