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DSEI 2021: BAE Systems and Malloy Aeronautics unveil T-650 all-electric UAS

BAE Systems displayed the T-650 all-electric heavy lift UAS on its stand at DSEI 2021. (Janes/Nigel Torp-Petersen)

BAE Systems unveiled the T-650 all-electric heavy lift unmanned aircraft system (UAS) at the 2021 DSEI exhibition held from 14 to 17 September in London.

The T-650 is capable of lifting 300 kg (661 lb) and BAE Systems is currently working with Malloy Aeronautics to develop the platform so that the company can offer a complete system to potential customers.

BAE envisages a range of applications for the UAS, including automated resupply, casualty evacuation, anti-submarine warfare using the Sting Ray torpedo , maritime mine countermeasures using the Archerfish expendable mine clearance ordnance, maritime search and rescue, surveillance tasks, and close air support. It has a ferry range of up to 80 km or up to 30 km with maximum payload, travelling at speeds of up to 140 km/h.

The UAS is intended to be a versatile lifting platform, capable of being quickly reconfigured. BAE stated that the T-650 will have an open-systems architecture, enabling user-specific customisation and rapid update for new tasks.

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