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Defense & Security 2022: Pulse Science exhibits emergency response aircraft

The MERT-P delivery aircraft by Pulse Science can be operated in manned and unmanned configurations. (Janes/Amit Kalra)

Thai company Pulse Science has displayed its medical emergency response aircraft at the Defense and Security 2022 exhibition, held in Bangkok from 29 August to 1 September.

Speaking to Janes , company president Natthee Intasen said, β€œThe development of the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) aircraft is based on the proposal of the Thai Royal Army Medical Department.”

He said work started in 2021 to develop working prototypes that can deliver a payload of 100 kg, carry a single immobilised soldier/patient, or convey medical staff and deliver medical supplies to a required location.

The three aircraft on display included the MERT-P, a piloted aircraft that can be configured for unmanned operations or to convey medical staff to required location; the MERT-R, an unmanned aerial vehicle for either cargo delivery or to evacuate a wounded soldier; and the Rapid MERT, a hybrid powered quadcopter designed to deliver medical supplies weighing up to 15 kg.

Both the MERT-P and MERT-R have eight electrical motors mounted co-axially on four rotor arms. The MERT-P has 47 inch propellers and the MERT-R has 42 inch propellers.

The MERT-P can be flown remotely if there are no qualified pilots at the location. The Rapid MERT unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) features a dual power source, a one litre gasoline engine, and a Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) battery of 8,000 mAh capacity.

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