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BAE Systems acquires UK quadcopter manufacturer Malloy Aeronautics

BAE Systems is acquiring Malloy Aeronautics, a UK-based company that develops a range of heavy-lift quadcopters including the T-600, which can carry 200 kg payloads at ranges up to 80 km. (Crown Copyright)

BAE Systems has acquired UK quadcopter manufacturer Malloy Aeronautics in a bid to expand its product portfolio.

The acquisition, announced by BAE Systems on 2 February, will integrate Malloy Aeronautics into its FalconWorks – a research and development arm that specialises in the air domain.

The companies have been collaborating on unmanned aircraft system (UAS) solutions since 2021, including the T-600 electric-powered vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) quadcopter. In September 2023 the companies integrated a Sting Ray training variant torpedo on the quadcopter during the multinational annual exercise ‘REPMUS' (Robotic Experimentation and Prototyping using Maritime Unmanned Systems) hosted by the Portuguese Navy.

T-600 is also involved in the UK Royal Navy's Heavy Lift Challenge UAS programme.

Malloy Aeronautics has a range of heavy-lift UASs, along with the T-600, which are capable of lifting payloads from 68 kg to 300 kg over short- to medium-range missions. The T-150 heavy-lift UAS, which can can carry a 68 kg payload at ranges up to 70 km, was sent to Ukraine as part of a military aid package, although one was reportedly shot down.

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