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Airbus to lead FASETT future mid-sized airlifter effort for EU

The FASETT programme will see Airbus lead an EU effort to develop a mid-size airlifter to operate alongside the A400M (pictured). (Janes/Gareth Jennings)

Airbus is to lead a European Union (EU) effort to develop a mid-size airlifter under the Future Air System for European Tactical Transportation (FASETT) programme announced on 26 June.

To be funded by the European Defence Fund (EDF) to the amount of EUR30.06 million (USD32.89 million) over 18 months, the FASETT feasibility study will see 11 EU countries develop a medium-lift transport aircraft to enter service in the next decade.

β€œThe FASETT feasibility study aims to carry out a co-operative analysis of the transport aircraft replacement needs of EU member states on the 2030–40 horizon, and to identify European development opportunities to address strategic gaps,” the EDF said.

With France, Germany, Poland, and Spain all involved in the project under the umbrella of Airbus/Airbus Defence and Space (DS) and other companies, FASETT also comprises national industries of Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Italy, Romania, and Sweden.

Although not mentioned in the EDF factsheet, FASETT will result in an airlifter that sits between the Airbus C295 (7 tonne payload) and the Airbus A400M (37 tonne payload), which has previously been touted as a notional A200M.

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