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Watch the webinar - How do China's military logistics capabilities support its expeditionary operations? 

Watch this exclusive webinar for an overview of China’s current and longer-term overseas basing strategies and how China is expanding its military logistics assets to support future expeditions. Janes expert analysts share with you:

  • some of the drivers behind China’s efforts to expand its influence in key global regions through military logistics, and
  • how China has deployed such capabilities during the Covid-19 crisis.


Identify China's military bases using Janes geospatial layers

This video case study demonstrates how you can use Janes geospatial layers to identify and gain an insight into China's military bases. In this video, we take a look at the Chengdu-Qionglai airbase.


Delivering a validated, independent, impartial perspective on threats and capabilities

Janes provides verified, trusted, and accurate insight, data, and analysis into four of the most important areas of national security: country risk; military capabilities; terrorism and insurgency; and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. Janes is uniquely positioned to deliver unrivalled trusted intelligence to support threat assessment, capability assessment, and event analysis.

  • Structured Orders of Battle that draw on and link data sets, including more than 9,200 military installations; 18,600 military units; and 9,000 inventoried weapon and support systems.
  • Inventories and country risk reports for more than 190 countries.
  • Structured events data covering terrorism; state and non-state actions; civil unrest; bribery and corruption; and serious and organised crime.
  • Detailed satellite imagery analysis to increase your situational awareness.
  • Monitoring of the global CBRN situation with comprehensive and far-reaching open source intelligence on all aspects of proliferation.


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China's Military Capabilities Learn about China's military logistics, expeditionary capabilities, including geospatial images of its military bases. National Security threat intelligence from Janes - Timely and assured insight.