Threat Intelligence

Delivering a validated, independent, impartial perspective on threats and capabilities

Janes provides verified, trusted, and accurate insight, data, and analysis into four of the most important areas of national security: country risk; military capabilities; terrorism and insurgency; and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. Janes is uniquely positioned to deliver unrivalled trusted intelligence to support threat assessment, capability assessment, and event analysis.

  • Structured Orders of Battle that draw on and link data sets, including more than 9,200 military installations; 18,600 military units; and 9,000 inventoried weapon and support systems.
  • Inventories and country risk reports for more than 190 countries.
  • Structured events data covering terrorism; state and non-state actions; civil unrest; bribery and corruption; and serious and organised crime.
  • Detailed satellite imagery analysis to increase your situational awareness.
  • Monitoring of the global CBRN situation with comprehensive and far-reaching open source intelligence on all aspects of proliferation.

    Explore Janes Non-State Armed Group Profiles

    This interactive dashboard contains a sample of our verified and validated events and profile data for Islamic State. This is a sample data correct at May 2020



    Military Capabilities

    Verified and validated, Janes structured Orders of Battle draw on and link data sets including more than 9,200 military installations; 18,600 military; units and 9,000 inventoried weapon and support systems. Janes analysis and reference material provides unique insights into the key factors that govern the capability and readiness of the armed services of more than 190 countries.  

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    Country Risk

    Janes country risk assessments provide current, in-depth, and impartial analysis of political, economic, social, military, defence, and foreign affairs, along with security profiles. Leveraging a network of expert contributors, Janes delivers comprehensive country risk intelligence for more than 200 countries.

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    Terrorism and Insurgency

    Janes global, structured, consistent, and comprehensive database of more than 410,000 verified, open-source events related to non-state armed groups is updated daily. With multiple fields of metadata, the events database and group profiles, combined with expert in-depth analysis of trends and militant groups’ use of propaganda, explains the context and driving forces behind global terrorism and insurgency.

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    Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear

    Delivering validated and verified insight and open-source intelligence on all aspects of proliferation, Janes enables you monitor the global CBRN situation. Analyse strategic military CBRN capabilities, review CBRN history, production, and policy developments and analyse the movement and use of illicit CBRN material. Satellite imagery analysis focusing on developments at declared and suspected CBRN facilities provide both context and additional depth of insight.

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