Gain insight into Islamic State activity, profile and propaganda 

Janes global, structured, consistent and comprehensive database of more than 410,000 verified and validated open-source events related to non-state armed groups is updated daily. With multiple fields of metadata, the events database and group profiles, along with expert in-depth analysis of trends and militant groups’ use of propaganda, enables you to better visualise and identify patterns and trends in global terrorism activity.

The case study that follows demonstrates how Janes exhaustive database and detailed analysis enables you to quickly build up a detailed understanding of the world’s non-state armed groups.  

Structured, verified, and validated metadata for events linked to Islamic State

Using Janes powerful events database, you can quickly understand events linked to Islamic State. Events data can be viewed either geospatially or using a list view. The events data can be used to understand overall activity trends and can also be refined by specific criteria. For example, you can view all attacks by Islamic State in Mali against security forces. Using the metadata you can then gain further insight including source, location, fatalities, casualties, tactics, and weapons used.


Explore group profiles with powerful analytics

Using powerful data analytics, you can gain an 'at a glance' view of events by weapons, tactics, and targets. The data can then be further refined, such as to show all Islamic State attacks against security forces, the weapon, and tactic used. The tempo of attacks by year and month and the location of the attack is also tracked.

In-depth insight with full group profiles

Group profiles enable you to quickly understand the trends and activities of Islamic State, providing detailed insight into the capabilities, doctrine, leadership, propaganda, and areas of operation. 



Powerful charting tools enable you to identify trends and patterns in non-state armed group activity

Janes charting tool enables you to build your own charts based on your chosen criteria to understand trends and identify patterns in military activity. Charts can be exported as PDF or image files or exported to Excel to be added to your report. 


Insight into Islamic State’s narratives and propaganda

Deeper insight into Islamic State’s narratives and propaganda is available to subscribers with Militant Propaganda Analysis. Janes can offer insights into politically or ideologically motivated violence conducted by militant actors to help you develop strategic approaches to countering violent extremism. 

Using a combination of Janes content, quickly gain a deep understanding of non-state armed groups.

  • Janes events database enables you to view Islamic State events geospatially, drilling down into the metadata to gain further insight.
  • The group profile dashboards deliver activity trends by location, tactic, target, and weapon.
  • Full group profiles provide detailed insight into Islamic State’s doctrine, capabilities, propaganda, and leadership.
  • Analysis of militant propaganda provides deeper insight into Islamic State’s narratives. 



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Insight into Islamic State activity, profile and propaganda Janes | Global terror and insurgency threat intelligence case study - Analysis of Islamic State activity, doctrine, tactics and capability