Understanding Trends in the Military Communications Market

The breadth, depth and connectivity of Janes data and insight enables us to provide you with unique insights into defence equipment and markets. By combining Janes equipment, forecast, inventories and procurement content you can better differentiate, position and shape your products and portfolio.

The case study that follows demonstrates how Janes content can be used to identify trends and opportunities within your chosen market, taking military communications as an example.  

Identify current and future market trends within your chosen market

Janes forecasts deliver insight into stated, awarded and anticipated requirements across 19 global defence markets. At the end of each year, Janes analysts carry out a thorough review of the most significant events of the past year and take a glimpse at the market’s future. Janes intelligence briefing series deliver an opportunity to delve more deeply on issues that span critical industry and national security concerns, including equipment, market trends and technological developments.

The example below shows the end of year report for the military communications market. 

Image of military communications market trends


Insight into specifications and capabilities of military communications equipment

More than 41,000 profiles of military equipment, Janes delivers a wealth of technical specifications and contextual variables for military communications equipment. The connectivity of Janes equipment data enables you to gain an at a glance view of your chosen platform or system, for benchmarking and comparison, before drilling down into the more detailed reports. The example below looks at the AN/PRC-158 Falcon III. 

Image of military equipment ANPRC 158 Falcon III

Trusted insight into market opportunities

Derived opportunities represent Janes analysts’ anticipation of requirements prior to a customer’s announcement and without benefit of any other source. These estimates can be based on ageing inventory, R&D investments, compatibility requirements, defence market trends, buying patterns, technology drivers or geo-political issues that may reasonably create a requirement that the customer may not currently foresee or acknowledge.

The example below shows the global derived opportunities for military communications. 

Image of military communication forecast

Insight into the competitive landscape

Gain insight into the key players within each of the 19 markets covered in Janes forecasts data. Quickly understand the total programme value by supplier, then drill down for a more granular view of the specific programmes linked to your chosen organisation. Data and charts can be downloaded to be added to your report. The example below shows the suppliers within the radio/terminals segment of the military communications market.  

Image of communication trends supplier forecast

Build a clearer, up to date picture with news and analysis

Janes news content delivers up to date, insight and analysis into developments in all areas of defence. 

Image of military equipment communication news insight

When you use Janes to deliver insights to support the positioning, differentiation and shaping of your products and portfolio you can be sure you are using data and analysis that has been subject to a rigorous methodology. Janes connected data and insights provide:  

  • Expert analysis that enables you to identify opportunities and future trends in your chosen market.
  • Extensive intelligence for more than 41,000 pieces of military equipment enables you to quickly benchmark and compare platforms, systems and weapons.  
  • Detailed news and insight keep you up to date with the latest market trends and technological developments.  


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Understanding trends in the military communications market Janes | Defence equipment intelligence - Trends in military communications - Capability case study