• A great show [SOFEX18D3]

    With a dramatic display of new Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) air assets as drawcards, alongside the latest technologies and capabilities in special operations and homeland security, the 12th edition of SOFEX impresses mightily.

  • Keep on trucking [SOFEX18D3]

    Being displayed in public for the first time is one of the Royal Jordanian Air Force’s PZL Mielec/Sikorsky M28 Skytruck utility transports.

  • Light Attack Experiment enters next phase [SOFEX18D3]

    On Monday the US Air Force began the second phase of its Light Attack Experiment (OA-X) to gather data ahead of a potential buy of aircraft that could perform close air and special operations support in permissive air defence environments.

  • Arena-E awaits first contract [SOFEX18D3]

    The Russian KBM Joint Stock Company (Hall 4, Stand A401) claims to have completed development of the latest-generation Arena-E hard kill active defence system (ADS). This has been designed for installation on main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, to enhance their survivability against incoming threats such as ground- and air-launched anti-tank guided missiles, as well as the more widely deployed unguided antitank weapons fitted with a high-explosive anti-tank warhead.

  • Defeat silent intruders [SOFEX18D3]

    With increasing emphasis on evolving threats, also discussed at SOFEX this week as part of ‘hyper warfare in the grey zone’, US-based SRC Inc (Hall 6, Stand B648) offers several solutions in the area of counter- UAS (C-UAS).

  • Turkish aviation expertise [SOFEX18D3]

    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) is rapidly expanding its capabilities along a number of avenues. Here at SOFEX some of its principal areas of expertise are being presented (Hall 1, Stand A108), including Turkey’s TF National Fighter project, which is being pursued to equip the Turkish air force by replacing the F-16 from the 2030s.

  • Expanded range of mortars [SOFEX18D3]

    Bulgarian company Apolo Engineering (Hall 1, Stand B123) is presenting its 60mm Commando smoothbore mortar, which can be rapidly disassembled into four components: bipod, circular baseplate, smoothbore barrel and the sighting system.

  • MMP production ramps up [SOFEX18D3]

    MBDA (Hall 1, Stand B149) is ramping up production of its Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system for the French Army, with the first production systems delivered late in 2017.

  • Teaching skills in cyber security [SOFEX18D3]

    The global shortfall in cyber security skills has prompted Jordan’s King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) (Hall 5, Stand A511) to establish a training academy in partnership with UK specialist PGI.

  • Building STEM capacity [SOFEX18D3]

    On the back of 50 years of operations in Jordan, US-based Lockheed Martin (Hall 1, Stand C111) has just announced the sponsorship of a robotics laboratory at King’s Academy, one of the Middle East region’s foremost schools.

  • Gain a tactical edge in low light levels [SOFEX18D3]

    Harris Corporation (Hall 6, Stand A606) is featuring the F5032 Lightweight Night Vision Binocular. This is designed with an emphasis on special operations mission success and delivers a tactical advantage in low-light and no-light combat scenarios.

  • High-standard sniper school [SOFEX18D3]

    Sniping has been an important element of warfare for many years, and is increasing in importance in an era of asymmetric warfare and counter-terrorist operations.

  • Second warrior victory for Lebanon’s ‘Black Panthers’ [SOFEX18D3]

    Conducted just prior to SOFEX, the Annual Warrior Competition held at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre (KASOTC) is in its 10th year, and this year’s event welcomed the largest fi eld of participants yet. Lebanon’s ‘Black Panthers’ SWAT team from the country’s internal security forces took overall first place, as they did in 2016. In second place was the ‘Snow Leopard’ commando team from the Chinese police, which had back-to-back wins in 2013 and 2014. Placed third was a SWAT team from the Stanislaus County Sheriff ’s Department from California.

  • A brite innovation [SOFEX18D3]

    Improving on a combat aircraft’s countermeasures makes perfect sense. This is why the UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) is soon to deploy Leonardo’s BriteCloud decoy in operations on its Tornado jet aircraft. Leonardo (Hall 1, Stand B144) has indicated that BriteCloud is one of its most recent innovations in electronic warfare, a core area of technology for the company.

  • Inside the mighty Mil [SOFEX18D3]

    It’s all change on the flight deck of the Mil Mi-26. Gone are the dials and gauges of the original design, which entered production in 1985, and in comes a modern ‘glass’ cockpit with five large-screen displays. The new avionics suite introduced by the latest Mi-26T2 reduces the crew requirements from two pilots, flight engineer, navigator and technician, to just two pilots.

  • A new partnership is forged [SOFEX18D3]

    Golden Eagle Aviation Academy (Hall 1, Stand A143) has been appointed as the Jordanian representative for Iomax, the US company that has developed the AT-802i and Archangel border patrol aircraft. As well as its engineering activities, Iomax also provides a range of aviation services, drawing on its considerable experience in commercial, regular military and special forces operations.

  • Shielded for protection [SOFEX18D3]

    The King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) has designed and built the Al-Sater vehicle, which would typically be used in hostage or other counter-insurgency and terrorist situations to counter threats in buildings.

  • Airborne rocket system shifts to land and sea [SOFEX18D3]

    US-based Arnold Defense, manufacturer of the widely used 2.75in (70mm) rocket launcher, has teamed with global partners to launch the vehicle-mounted Fletcher weapon system. It is shown at SOFEX on the Oshkosh Defense special purpose all-terrain vehicle for the first time (Hall 6, Stand A609).

  • Electronic logbook app [SOFEX18D3]

    Keeping a logbook has become much easier with the Mystic Lincoln Logs applications from BCTL Co (Hall 6, Stand A624). As an electronic UXO/MEC/EOD/dive mobile logbook, it replaces the basic hour logbook requirement, which exceeds Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board requirements.

  • Caravan gets more firepower [SOFEX18D3]

    Orbital ATK is highlighting a range of its products at SOFEX (Hall 6, Stand B639). Among them is the latest version of its AC-208B Armed Caravan, which was debuted last year. Known as the AC-208 Eliminator, the new aircraft follows on from the earlier Combat Caravan, which was supplied via US Air Force channels to Iraq and Lebanon.