• Viper ready to strike [ID18D3]

    Despite the Indonesian air force only this year signing a contract to receive 11 Sukhoi Su-35 fighters from Russia, Western manufacturers are still eyeing the potential to offer their wares under an expected continuation of the recapitalisation of its combat aircraft fleet.

  • SMASH and grab [ID18D3]

    Turkish company Aselsan (Hall A, Stand A50R) is promoting its SMASH 30mm remote-controlled stabilised naval gun system in the region as the main armament of coastal craft or as a secondary armament of larger surface craft.

  • As easy as ABC [ID18D3]

    Cleaning the barrel of a cannon cannot be easier than the automatic bore cleaner (ABC System) developed by South Korea’s SooSung Defense Industries (SDI; Hall D, Stand D240I).

  • UAVs fly in from Vietnam [ID18D3]

    Viettel (Hall B, Stand B095) is here showing for the first time outside of Vietnam the Shikra UAV, a 26kg aircraft with a 3.25m wingspan that takes off vertically before transitioning into horizontal flight.

  • Charting new waters [ID18D3]

    With a vast archipelago to safeguard, the Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Laut (TNI-AL)) is continuing its modernisation efforts with the introduction of new submarines, frigates and helicopters.

  • Sky high [ID18D3]

    Intelsat General (IGC) (Hall D, Stand D060E), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intelsat, operator of the world’s first Globalized Network and a leader in integrated satellite communications.

  • Bolstering at-sea capability [ID18D3]

    The Indonesian Navy is investing in new capabilities to either modernise its incumbent vessel fleet or to acquire new systems – something which has piqued the interest of Saab (Hall D, Stand 075), which has seen successes in the naval domain in both the domestic and regional markets.

  • Specialist comms [ID18D3]

    Portuguese technology company EID (Hall A, Stand A285) specialises in electronics, communications and command and control, especially naval and tactical communications, military messaging, and systems integration.

  • Super lift [ID18D3]

    Lockheed Martin is in negotiations with the Indonesian government regarding the potential buy of the C-130J Super Hercules to add to the B and H models the air force currently operates.

  • Combat-proven [ID18D3]

    In addition to promoting its artillery systems, such as the CAESAR 155mm/52 calibre system in service with the Indonesian Army, Nexter (Hall A, Stand A035) is promoting its combat-proven VBCI (8x8) in the region.

  • Freed from the dark [ID18D3]

    Greece-based Theon Sensors (Hall D, Stand DP035) is showing a range of its monocular and binocular night vision devices at Indo Defence.

  • More affordable capability [ID18D3]

    The need for a capable naval fleet at an affordable cost is a common priority across the region, and the upgrades of a number of in-service vessels are being targeted by industry to extend the life of these fleets.

  • Hawk flies for longer [ID18D3]

    Deliveries of an initial batch of an upgraded version of the Indonesian air force’s BAE Systems Hawk 100/200 fleet are under way, providing the light attack/trainer aircraft with a refurbishment that will extend its operational life.

  • A blast to disrupt [ID18D3]

    Canadian company CTS (Hall B, Stand B075) offers disruption technology for improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and unexploded ordnance, based on a scientific approach.

  • Get a jet up there [ID18D3]

    Swedish company Northseadrones (Hall D, Stand D221) is showing a full-scale model of its short take-off vertical landing (STOVL) jet drone at Indo Defence. The 2m wingspan naval drone is powered by a 160-180N turbine engine and is fitted with a 1.5kg payload in the nose.

  • On the export trail [ID18D3]

    The K9 Thunder 155mm/52 calibre self-propelled (SP) artillery system of South Korea’s Hanwha Land Systems (Hall D, Stand D265A) will continue in production until at least 2021 and the company is now seeking additional export contracts to keep the production line running after this date.

  • All fired up [ID18D3]

    The Spanish Everis Aerospace and Defense and New Technologies Global Systems (NGTS) Alakran 120mm Light Mortar Carrier (LMC) is being shown at Indo Defence by IndoCertes (Hall B, Stand B032) and is due to remain in the country for firing trials later this year.

  • Identifying friend or foe [ID18D3]

    Leonardo (Hall D, Stand D208) and LIG Nex1 (Hall D, Stand D240C) have signed a strategic agreement that will initially address the Republic of Korea’s requirement to upgrade its identification friend or foe (IFF) capability to the newest Mode 5 standard.

  • Towed sonar array in miniature [ID18D3]

    Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA) (UK Pavilion) is showcasing its KraitArray towed sonar array, which it claims could offer a low-cost and easily integrated capability for regional navies looking to upgrade their respective antisubmarine warfare capabilities.

  • French flair [ID18D3]

    With navies around the world actively engaged in or planning modernisation of their fleets, Naval Group of France (Hall D, Stand D180) is showcasing its high-technology solutions at Indo Defence this week.