• Vulcano is qualified [IDEX19D5]

    Leonardo’s defence systems facility at La Spezia in Italy has now completed development, industrialisation and qualification of the Vulcano 155mm Ballistic Extended Range (BER) artillery projectile. It has already been type classified by the Italian Army, which has accepted 170 units for evaluation, and is now ready for production as soon as orders are placed.

  • Coyote on the prowl for drones [IDEX19D5]

    Recent events at London’s Gatwick airport and in Dubai may have brought the dangers posed by small unmanned air systems (UASs) into public focus, but the threat has been recognised by the military for some time. Among the companies that have been working on counter-UAS (C-UAS) technologies is Raytheon (Stand 03-B07), drawing on its long experience in the air defence arena, and associated sectors such as air traffic management. The company has not only been working on detection and tracking systems, but also on a range of technologies that can disrupt or destroy small UAVs and drones.

  • Running smoothly [IDEX19D5]

    French company Texelis (Stand 07- B56) is showing the TXP 14 (4x4) running platform for the first time in the Middle East. This is fitted with T700 axles for a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 14 tonnes. Also available is the TXP 18 with T900 axles for a vehicle with a weight of 18 tonnes.

  • Russian SAMs get mobility [IDEX19D5]

    The Russian KBM Joint Stock Company (High Precision Industries Stand 09-C20, Russian Pavilion) is now marketing overseas its latest Gibka-S mobile air defence system. This is based on the Russian Tigr (4x4) light vehicle, which is already used in large numbers by the Russian Army for a variety of battlefield missions.

  • Put a brake on it [IDEX19D5]

    With no fewer than eight different vehicles on show this week sporting brake products from UK-based Alcon Components, the company is increasing its global defence vehicle footprint in the market. The vehicles on display include those from global OEMs based in the UAE, Finland, North America, the UK and Turkey.

  • Stronger Hercules [IDEX19D5]

    Kellstrom Defense Aerospace (KDA, Stand 02-B01), which specialises in defence aircraft sustainment through OEM strategic distribution, component repair, engineering products and logistics solutions, has been selected by Sabena Technics as a partner for the support of C-130 Hercules aircraft maintenance.

  • Mobile masts for Africa [IDEX19D5]

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD) of a Southern African country has just ordered a number of mobile masts from SMAG Mobile Antenna Masts of Germany (Stand 08-C05, German Pavilion), the company has announced.

  • New range of grenade fuzes [IDEX19D5]

    Having provided specialist products in the military and professional electronic fields for almost 20 years, South Africa-based DoppTech, now part of the Reunert Group (Stand 12-C40), is showing its latest offering, the Draco range of 40mm grenade fuzes.

  • Hawkei in production [IDEX19D5]

    Thales Australia (Stand 07-C04, Australian Pavilion) has confirmed that its Hawkei ‘New Generation Protected Vehicle’ is now in low-rate production for the Australian Army. About 70 Hawkei vehicles have already been delivered and full-rate production is expected to start later this year.

  • Korea and UAE team up on UAVs [IDEX19D5]

    Abu Dhabi-based Calidus has partnered with Korean Air to offer a range of UAVs to the UAE and regional market. The Korean airline’s Aerospace Business Division is working on several UAV designs, and is showing its KUS-FT fixed-wing UAV (pictured) at the Calidus exhibition (Stand 04-C15) in the UAE Pavilion. The two companies have been in discussion for around a month, resulting in the marketing arrangement, which is hoped to be expanded into co-development.

  • More roles for HITFACT Mk II turret [IDEX19D5]

    Leonardo Defence Systems (Stand 06-B07) is exhibiting a scale model of its latest HITFACT Mk II turret, which has been qualified by the Italian Army and is now in production for installation on the CIO Centauro II (8x8) Mobile Gun System (MGS). The prime contractor for the Centauro II is Consortium Iveco – Oto Melara (CIO), although the latter element is part of Leonardo Defence Systems following a major rebranding.

  • ADS from Eastern Europe [IDEX19D5]

    The South African Denel Vehicle Systems RG41 (8x8) armoured fighting vehicle is being shown at IDEX on Stand 12-C40, fitted with two pods of the Zaslon hard kill active defence system (ADS) developed in Ukraine.

  • Win-Win from Thailand [IDEX19D5]

    Thailand-based Chaiseri (Stand C11-12) is showing a range of its vehicle-related technologies this week. Having equipped the armed forces of Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines with its First Win1 armoured vehicle, the company launched the First Win 2 during 2017, based on the same design.

  • On the waterfront [IDEX19D5]

    The NAVDEX 2019 waterfront and marina has played host to visiting warships and a dynamic waterborne display all week. Visitors have had a chance to see the UAE Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Agency’s new offshore patrol vessel Hmeem, and frontline ships from Bahrain, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the US. Other highlights have included fast boat demonstrations, and displays of the SwarmDiver.

  • Polonez on the market [IDEX19D5]

    Belarus’ BelSpetsVneshTechnika (Stand 10-028) has confirmed that its Polonez ground-to-ground missile system is now in quantity production for the Belarusian Army and is already being offered on the export market.

  • Technology from afar [IDEX19D5]

    Taiwan-based National Chung- Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST, Stand 01- B084), is highlighting its wide range of proven defence technologies this week.

  • Unmanned sentinel [IDEX19D4]

    Abu Dhabi-based Al Seer Marine Technologies (Stands B-011, B-012) is showcasing its capabilities in unmanned surface vessel (USV) design, manufacture and integration at NAVDEX 2019.

  • Contract awards [IDEX19D4]

    On Day 3 of IDEX 2019, Brigadier Mohammed Khamis Al Hassani announced a further eight contracts awarded to foreign companies, to the value of AED515 million.

  • Wahash swoops [IDEX19D4]

    Calidus (Stand 04-C15, UAE Pavilion) has launched its Wahash (wild falcon) (8x8) in the infantry fighting vehicle configuration at IDEX. Development of the Wahash started two years ago and so far two have been built and are classed as engineering development models. Ballistic and mine trials have already been completed.

  • Packing a punch [IDEX19D4]

    Indian-Russian joint venture BrahMos Aerospace has just celebrated the 21st anniversary of an intergovernmental agreement between the Indian and Russian governments that paved the way for the joint development of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile.