• Wheels roll in [IDEX19D5]

    There were very few tracked armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) at IDEX this year, as there is a clear and continuing trend in the region towards the design, development and production of all types of wheeled AFV. These cover commercial vehicles fitted with lightweight armour to protect the occupants from small arms fire, up to much larger, heavier and better protected 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles.

  • Saudi tie-up for the B-250 [IDEX19D5]

    One of the more eye-catching exhibits on display in the IDEX exhibition halls is the Calidus B-250, the innovative light attack aircraft that is to be built at a factory in Al Ain.

  • Autonomous futures on show [IDEX19D5]

    Al Marakeb Boats (Stand B-038), the UAE-based manufacturer of high-performance GRP and marine autonomous vessels, has been conducting live autonomous demonstrations of an unmanned surface vessel (USV) from a command and control station located on its stand at NAVDEX.

  • Contract awards [IDEX19D5]

    On the fourth day of IDEX 2019, the UAE Armed Forces announced a total of 29 contracts, of which 22 were for Emirati companies. These contracts totalled AED787.7 million ($214.5 million). Additionally, seven contracts worth nearly AED2 billion ($540 million) were announced for international suppliers.

  • Underwater training [IDEX19D5]

    Thales and Atlas Elektronik have signed an agreement with Tawazun Economic Council at IDEX 2019 to establish a new underwater training centre in Abu Dhabi. According to a joint statement, the new centre will provide facilities to support antisubmarine warfare and mine countermeasures training for the UAE Naval Forces.

  • Decoys at sea [IDEX19D5]

    French countermeasures and pyrotechnics group Lacroix Defense (Stand 07-B47) is showcasing its Sylena family of decoy launching systems at IDEX 2019. Designed to provide soft-kill protection for ships from patrol boats up to frigates, Sylena employs Lacroix’s SEACLAD family of decoys – more than 10,000 of which have been delivered to date – to counter missiles using radio frequency (RF) or imaging infrared (IIR) seekers. Another SEACLAD decoy is available for torpedo defence.

  • There’s no escape [IDEX19D5]

    UK-based security equipment specialist BCB International (Stand C8-005) is showing its new range of boat stopping systems, designed to quickly stop boats without damaging the craft or harming the occupants.

  • A good year for MRTT [IDEX19D5]

    Airbus Defence and Space’s A330 Multi-role Tanker Transport (MRTT) has enjoyed notable success in recent times. The orderbook now stands at 60 aircraft, of which 35 have been delivered. The worldwide fleet has now amassed more than 125,000 flight hours. In the Gulf region, the type is flown by the Royal Saudi Air Force (six) and the UAE Air Force and Air Defence (three).

  • Damaged – not broken [IDEX19D5]

    Side-mirrors on military vehicles are increasingly being provided by UK-based Spafax (Stand 05- C10) for the fact that they remain serviceable under the severest operational conditions, including ballistic detonations, weapon recoil and even direct ballistic impact.

  • ‘Virtually indestructible’ boats [IDEX19D5]

    Having already achieved export success with its rugged military patrol boats, South African firm Twiga Services and Logistics (Stand 12-C40) is showcasing some examples at IDEX this week.

  • Cerberus GL has bite [IDEX19D5]

    The Cerberus GL developed by Skyborne Technologies, participating as part of Team Defence Australia (Stand 07-C04, Australia Pavilion), is a lightweight unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) designed for tactical fire support, writes Sam J Basch.

  • Upgraded Bahraini corvette [IDEX19D5]

    The Royal Bahrain Naval Forces corvette RBNS Al-Manama, alongside at NAVDEX, is one of two MGB 62-class vessels recently modernised by Leonardo (Stand 06-B07) under a contract signed in 2015.

  • Partners on USVs [IDEX19D5]

    Abu Dhabi-based Al Seer Marine, a manufacturer of unmanned surface vessels (USVs), has signed at IDEX a strategic partnership agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Advanced Electronics Company (AEC).

  • Safely on board [IDEX19D5]

    One of the more novel systems on display at this year’s NAVDEX exhibition is a stealthy and lightweight jet board designed to support a range of maritime missions.

  • Boats for North Africa [IDEX19D5]

    UAE-based Streit Group (Outdoor Stand CP-219) has announced an order from a customer in North Africa for eight armoured patrol boats.

  • CICPA welcomes Hmeem patrol ship [IDEX19D5]

    The second of the two Project Arialah offshore patrol vessels for the UAE Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA) was officially inaugurated in an 18 February ceremony on the NAVDEX waterfront.

  • RAM deliveries progress [IDEX19D5]

    Raytheon Missile Systems (Stand 03-B07) is continuing to deliver the latest Block 2 version of the RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) ship self-defence weapon system to the United Arab Emirates. The new missiles equip the two new Project Arialah offshore patrol vessels operated by the UAE Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA). They will also be rolled out to equip the UAE Naval Forces’ six Baynunah-class corvettes, which already use the Block 1 version of the RAM missile.

  • Combat systems JV [IDEX19D5]

    Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI; Stand 12-D22) and Spanish shipbuilding and systems group Navantia (Stand B-027) are to set up a new combat systems joint venture (JV).

  • First showing for Egyptian vehicles [IDEX19D5]

    International Marathon United Technology Group is presenting its latest ST-500 and ST-100 4x4 armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) at IDEX for the first time and both are shown on the Arab Organisation for Industralisation Stand 09-B20.

  • Safe drinking water [IDEX19D5]

    With military personnel often deployed in areas where water is contaminated, making it unsafe to drink, Icon LifeSaver (Stand 05- C28, UK Pavilion) has the solution dubbed ‘essential for survival’.