• Leading the way [IDEX17D1]

    International Golden Group (IGG), the Abu Dhabi-based supplier of high-end defence and security systems, will host more than 80 international defence companies from the USA, Europe and Asia at its Stand 04-C30.

  • Well-built workboats [IDEX17D1]

    Making its debut at IDEX/NAVDEX, UAE-based Marsol International will be demonstrating its multipurpose Rhino Craft 750 HDPE vessel. Delegates at NAVDEX will have the opportunity to experience the craft during daily live water demonstrations.

  • Rapid response [IDEX17D1]

    Fincantieri Marinette Marine (FMM) has announced a contract for two additional Response Boat – Medium (RB-M) vessels by the US Coast Guard.

  • Jordan boosts trainer fleet [IDEX17D1]

    The Royal Jordanian Air Force, having placed an initial order for the Pilatus PC-9M in August 2015, re-evaluated its requirement in early 2016 and revised the procurement decision following a modification of the training concept, introducing the PC-21 all-through training model.

  • Indigenous helmets [IDEX17D1]

    The Indian Army is getting 159,000 bulletproof helmets, including some 6,000 for the Indian Navy – finally fulfilling a decade-long requirement.

  • Fast and furious [IDEX17D1]

    Deep penetration and long-range reconnaissance based on mobility, speed and firepower are attributes of the new REVA FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle) being displayed on StandCP-110 on its first foray into the Middle East by Integrated Convoy Protection (ICP), the South Africa-based manufacturer of REVA armoured vehicles.

  • Close collaboration [IDEX17D1]

    With a long-standing presence in the Middle East market, South Af rica’s state-owned Denel (Stand12-C15) believes the region is poised for rapid growth, hence the group’s strong presence at IDEX.

  • Lighter runflats [IDEX17D1]

    UK company Tyron Runflat Ltd (Stand 07-C20) is launching the Carbon-ATR, a new lightweight carbon fibre rubber runflat, which achieves a weight reduction of up to 50 per cent. Tyron has replaced a patented steel core with a carbon fibre core, reducing the weight while maintaining its strength.

  • Double detection [IDEX17D1]

    A leader in maritime navigation and security surveillance radar, Kelvin Hughes Ltd (Stand 05-C19) has released a range of new informational content that highlights the benefits of its SBS-900-4 SharpEye radar system.

  • Defeating complex threats [IDEX17D1]

    The United Arab Emirates Navy has awarded US company Raytheon (Stand 03-B07) a multi-million direct commercial sale for an undisclosed amount of its Rolling Airframe Missiles (RAMs) Block 2, together with associated equipment, training and support.

  • A safe seat [IDEX17D1]

    Ullman Dynamics of Sweden (Stand C-012), the first company to introduce suspension seats and shock mitigation seats for high-speed boats, is presenting its wide range of seats, from simple seats with limited suspension up to highly sophisticated suspension boat seats capable of handling and mitigating forces in excess of 20g, and reducing impact exposure by up to 76per cent. Its seats are designed to protect people in high-performance craft from injury and fatigue.

  • Last line of defence [IDEX17D1]

    Czech communications specialist ERA a.s. (Stand 12-A44), a member of the Omnipol Group, is a leading supplier of next-generation surveillance and flight tracking solutions for the air traffic management, military, security and airport operations markets. It now has more than 100 installations at a series of airports, air traffic control centres and military organisations in 57 countries across the world.

  • Off-road mobility [IDEX17D1]

    Being shown for the first time at IDEX is the Polaris Defense four-seat turbo diesel MRZR ultralight tactical vehicle. Being displayed by Specialised Sports Equipment (Stand CP-221), the largest Polaris dealer in the Middle East, the MRZR is targeted at both civilian and military markets.

  • Virtual reality [IDEX17D1]

    Finnish company Frestems is launching it ViTE, Virtual Treatment Environment, a virtual reality tool and process for the creation of military ambulance treatment environments.

  • Pandora’s box [IDEX17D1]

    In close co-operation with a number of potential customers, including the United Arab Emirates Navy, Patria is launching a containerised version of the NEMO 120mm turret-mounted mortar system at IDEX.

  • Versatile platforms [IDEX17D1]

    Innovative weapon platforms for vehicles or stationary applications are what Danish company Sima Innovation (Stand 08-D23) is renowned for. This week at IDEX, the company is showing its new Panorama/Tilt unit RRTU705.

  • Ear to the ground – and at sea [IDEX17D1]

    Leading battlespace communications solutions firm Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) of the UK is showcasing its next-generation high-bandwidth Phase 5 Mesh (P5) technology on Stand 05-C09, writes Sam J Basch.

  • Greek fire [IDEX17D1]

    The NATO Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI, Stand 10-D41) is a multinational training installation on the island of Crete, which has provided high-quality services for training, testing, experimentation and live firings for land, sea and air units, with year-round favourable weather conditions, for more than 50 years.

  • Lined up for inspection [IDEX17D1]

    Turkish company BMC Otomotive Sanayi VE Ticaret AS (Stand 10-D05) is launching a number of products at IDEX that it hopes will attract potential customers in the Middle East.

  • Key enabler [IDEX17D1]

    The successful Typhoon ‘Buzzard’s Nest’ trial at RAF Coningsby proved the viability and benefits of utilising small aircraft shelters in military operations. It also provided 5001 Squadron with an invaluable opportunity to train new personnel in Technical Working Environments (TWE) construction on a Fast Jet operating base, while still being within easy reach of home base.