• A case to be made [IDEX17D1]

    Moving military equipment such as weapons, electronics and life-saving medical gear requires robust packaging.

  • Trained to shoot [IDEX17D1]

    With an eye on developing and perfecting shooting skills, French firm Sterela Defense (Stand 09-B20) has been offering live firing training solutions since 1989. The company can provide indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, practical shooting and urban warfare scenarios, and its clients range from defence and other government ministries, to private sector entities.

  • Case made [IDEX17D1]

    Dubai-based SKB Cases MEA (Stand 07-D13) is the new distributor for the renowned range of polymer transportation cases from US company SKB Cases CA.

  • Smoke signal [IDEX17D1]

    Based at Santa Isabel, São Paulo, Indios Pirotecnia (Stand 09-B20) has been developing and producing pyrotechnic products in Brazil since 1971.

  • Meal time [IDEX17D1]

    Modern soldiers deployed in varied operational environments anywhere in the world can now count on highly nutritious and tasty rations. Spanish company Jomipsa (Stand 07-C26) is at the forefront of providing field ration packs for the soldier of the 21st century.

  • Keeping a clear vision [IDEX17D1]

    CeramTec-ETEC has successfully tested and certified its transparent ceramic PERLUCOR as part of lighter and thinner transparent armour composite systems.

  • Defeat the hackers [IDEX17D1]

    Highly professional cyber-attackers, known as hackers in common parlance, pose serious threats to military and civilian entities worldwide.

  • Monitoring the terrain [IDEX17D1]

    Soldiers increasingly rely on advanced systems for surveillance and intelligence gathering. Russian firm Polus’s Radiobarrier UTMS (unattended terrain monitoring system, Stand 04-A08) has been developed for such operations.

  • For rank and file [IDEX17D1]

    Insignia, medals and decorations have been part of military lore and culture from the earliest times. And the name synonymous with these accoutrements is French company Arthus-Bertrand (Stand 07-B24), which was founded in 1803.

  • Superior detection [IDEX17D1]

    British company Thermoteknix (Stand 08-A25) is launching its FuseIR Fused Night Vision device in the Middle East here at IDEX.

  • Defeating errant drones [IDEX17D1]

    Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics and Enterprise Control Systems have teamed up to develop the AUDS (Anti-UAV Defence System) to detect, track and defeat malicious and errant unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) or drones. The companies are showing this field-proven system and other counter-UAS solutions with their UAE partner Trust International on Stand 11-C05.

  • Clearing a path [IDEX17D1]

    Global Clearance Solutions (GCS, Stand 08-C07) has just released the GCS-100 remote-controlled Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) platform, the first new machine in a series of three. It is designed to be the most versatile, compact and easy-to-use platform for conducting dangerous operations in permanently changing conflict zones.

  • Armoured ATC [IDEX17D1]

    High frequency (HF) radio communications equipment from Barrett Communications (Stand07-C01) has been installed into armoured mobile air traffic control (ATC) towers for use in African peacekeeping missions.

  • Long-range precision [IDEX17D1]

    Austrian firearms design and manufacturing company Ritter & Stark (Stand 07-D18) is exhibiting its SX-1 Modular Tactical Rifle (MTR).

  • Uniform fit for purpose [IDEX17D1]

    The OPUS Assault Tactical is the latest uniform development from Magnum Boots (Stand 05-C26).

  • Detect and identify [IDEX17D1]

    French company CILAS (Stand 07- B18) is promoting its new vehicle-mounted SLD 500 long-range laser detector.

  • Power from within [IDEX17D1]

    Belgium-based FN Herstal (Stand 07- C17), one of the world’s leading firearms manufacturers, has launched its newly developed, self-powered FN SmartCore shot counter for the FN SCAR family of rifles, based on breakthrough technology.

  • A cool breeze [IDEX17D1]

    Although the outdoors can be a pleasant environment for most, it can be dangerous for heavily kitted out combatants. USA-based company Breezer Mobile Cooling (Stand 02-B02) offers the Power Breezer to help manage hot temperatures in harsh climatic conditions.

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    The 13th International Defence Exhibition and Conference will take place from Sunday 19 to Thursday 23 February at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.