• Eurosatory 2018: the place to be! [ES18D1]

    Today the world faces a wide range of conflicts, terrorist threats and emergencies that continue to intensify. In the light of this, states and private citizens need and demand defence and security solutions to ensure peace, safety and stability.

  • Smart weapons for the battlefield [ES18D1]

    Rafael (Hall 6, Stand E688) has unveiled two weapon systems that bring smarter capabilities to the battlefield. FireFly (below) is a miniature loitering munition that can be employed by dismounted soldiers, while EPIK (right) is a kit system that adds precision guidance to surface-to-surface multiple-launch rocket systems.

  • Growing the family [ES18D1]

    General Dynamics European Land Systems (Hall 5A, StandE839) is launching two versions of the ASCOD (Austrian-Spanish Cooperative Development) family of tracked combat vehicles at Eurosatory.

  • Combat computing [ES18D1]

    Earlier this month, Leonardo DRS was awarded a contract worth up to $841.3 million to provide a new generation of mission command computers and accessories.

  • ELDIG handover [ES18D1]

    The chairmanship handover ceremony of the European Land Defence Industrial Group (ELDIG), takes place at 14.30 today at Leonardo’s Stand C300/B301 in Hall 6. Currently chaired by Leonardo, it is being transferred to Rheinmetall.

  • Long-range precision engagement success [ES18D1]

    Saab (Hall 6, Stand K371) and Boeing recently conducted a test of their joint Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) programme in which the weapon successfully engaged a moving target at a range of more than 100km. The test was conducted in co-operation with the US Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC).

  • Powerful communication [ES18D1]

    Rockwell Collins (Hall 5A, Stand B438) has unveiled FasTAK, a tactical combat targeting system and secure communications gateway for the digital battlefield.

  • Sniper snags Rafale [ES18D1]

    Qatar has selected the Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control AAQ-33 Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod to equip the 36 Rafale multirole fighters that the Qatar Emiri Air Force is receiving from Dassault. When deliveries of the pods begin next year, the Rafale will become the 10th aircraft type to be integrated with the Sniper. Flight tests of the pod carried on the Rafale’s intake pylon are ongoing.

  • All-digital turret [ES18D1]

    BAE Systems Hägglunds (Hall6, Stand K200/External Pe6B, A10) is showing the CV90 Mk IV, the latest version of its infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). This first example is regarded by the company as a technology demonstrator to show potential customers some of the many enhancements that have been incorporated, as a result of internal research and development, customer feedback and combat experience.

  • Small, agile and quiet [ES18D1]

    Soucy Defense Division (Hall5A, Stand C648), a manufacturer of rubber tracks for the defence and security markets, is showcasing its Composite Rubber Track (CRT) technology, in partnership with FFG Flensburg, on the upgraded German Army’s Wiesel armoured weapons carrier vehicle.

  • Detect incoming fire [ES18D1]

    Metravib (Hall 6, Stand G685), part of the ACOEM Group, is now in volume production of its latest-generation Pilar V acoustic gunshot detection system (AGDS) for the French Army. This is being supplied as government furnished equipment for installation on the Jaguar (6x6) reconnaissance vehicle and Griffon (6x6) armoured personnel carrier soon to enter service with the French Army.

  • MMP to Mali [ES18D1]

    The French Army is to deploy its latest MBDA Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) to Mali in September 2018. MMP is the replacement for the MILAN and the US Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin ATGM currently deployed by French infantry units.

  • Lightweight but well protected [ES18D1]

    For military forces intent on acquiring the latest in special purpose, all-terrain protective vehicles, it would be worth visiting the display of Israel-based Carmor Integrated Vehicle Solutions (Hall 6, Stand E657), which is unveiling the Mantis family of tactical armoured vehicles.

  • Preventing friendly fire [ES18D1]

    Identifying friendly forces in the heat of battle and in training combat zones is a growing challenge, especially during night-time operations and close-quarter battle practices.

  • Training for tracking [ES18D1]

    Training on a passive surveillance system simulator leaves the equipment free for normal operations. This is the solution from Czech company ERA (Hall 5A, Stand J510), a system developed in conjunction with the University of Defence in Brno.

  • SMART solution against tandem warheads [ES18D1]

    IBD Deisenroth Engineering (Hall6, Stand K567) is demonstrating its new SMART PROTech solution against tandem shaped charge warheads which, the German company says, avoids the deficiencies of today’s explosive reactive armour (ERA) and active protection systems (APS).

  • Effective tracking [ES18D1]

    German company Hensoldt (External Pe6B, Stand C170) is introducing the latest member of its its C-band (NATO G-band) TRS-4D radar family here at Eurosatory. The TRML-4D is a remote-controlled mobile air surveillance and fire control sensor system for effective ground-based air defence against short- and medium-range weapons. It has been designed to be robust, highly reliable, to be relocated frequently, and to be used for long-term deployment.

  • A buzz in the air [ES18D1]

    FLIR Systems Inc (Hall 5A, Stand A227) will be demonstrating the Black Hornet 3 nano-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for use by militaries, government agencies, and first responders.

  • Augmented reality [ES18D1]

    To reduce the time taken to anticipate the decision-making process, Airbus Defence and Space (Hall 5A, Stand C158) has developed the Holographic Tactical Sandbox, which is being shown for the first time. This new solution uses augmented reality, has been designed for use in mission preparation and briefing and is based on a 3D holographic map viewable in an augmented reality helmet.

  • Dispel the darkness [ES18D1]

    Specialising in image-intensified camera technologies, Netherlands-based Innovative Technical Solutions BV (ITS, Hall5B, Stand A80) is releasing its latest product, the Cherub, at Eurosatory this week.