• Closing the loop [ES18D4]

    “Closing the sensor-to-shooter loop” is a phrase often heard in the defence world, but the reality in the field is that front-line troops are often left waiting for minutes to receive targeting data and approvals before they can engage.

  • Secure the perimeter [ES18D4]

    Autonomous perimeter security solutions, particularly unattended ground sensors, are what Russia’s Polus-ST (Hall 5A, StandJ481) is best known for. Its products have protected and secured more than 7,000km of state borders, 3,500km of pipelines and infrastructure, and approach routes to some 500 sensitive facilities in 25 countries.

  • Crete is venue of choice [ES18D4]

    The Nato Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI) (Hall 5A, Stand ED790) on the Greek island of Crete offers high-quality services for training, test, experimentation and live firings with year-round favourable weather conditions and newly renovated staging facilities.

  • Swift hunter [ES18D4]

    Turkish company Otokar (Hall6, Stand B51) is showing the first example of the Tulpar light tank, which it has developed as a private venture in conjunction with CMI Defence for the export market. This essentially consists of the chassis/hull of the Otokar Tulpar infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) fitted with a CMI Defence Cockerill 3105 turret, which is already in quantity production.

  • CBRN hazard detection [ES18D4]

    Supergum Industries (Hall 6, Stand CD678) has introduced itsSampling Kit for the detection of CBRN hazards.

  • Reaching for the sky [ES18D4]

    The launch of the first of a new line of masts has been announced by UK company Cobham, a global leader in telescopic composite mast technologies. Known as SkyHigh and designed for the harshest environments, the lightweight mast provides rapid deployment, up to 20m, with a compact footprint and no guying required.

  • Pakistan highlights indigenous technology [ES18D4]

    First-time Eurosatory exhibitor, state-owned Global Industrial and Defence Solutions (GIDS) of Pakistan (Hall 5A, StandH587), which is promoting self-reliance through indigenous technology, is showing some of its core activities in the defence domain. Among its range of unmanned aerial systems (UAVs), the company counts a variety of short-range, hand-launched or VTOL surveillance systems and its medium-endurance tactical Shahpar and Uqab systems.

  • SlingShot on upward trajectory [ES18D4]

    Figures released by UK-based Spectra Group show that its innovative SlingShot, displayed by Airbus (Hall 5A, Stand C158), is fast becoming the system of choice for specialist users around the world.

  • Dog’s new tricks [ES18D4]

    Counter-terror operations require innovative solutions, which is what France-based Aeraccess (Hall 5A, Stand H800) is providing. A variety of its drone systems are operational with clients ranging from the French and UK MoD, to Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and Malaysia.

  • Track and monitor [ES18D4]

    Mobile satellite services operator, Dubai-based Thuraya Telecommunications Company (Hall 5A, Stand B790) is showing its latest solutions and products. Its defence portfolio includes the recently launched Thuraya tracking and monitoring service.

  • Know where you are [ES18D4]

    Finding the best route through woodland or a vantage point, without being detected, could be problematic, if not for a solution proposed by Sweden-based Carmenta Geospatial Technologies (Hall 6, Stand JH371).

  • Beat the threat [ES18D4]

    With the changing nature of threats in mind, Greece-based EODH (Hall 6, Stand JH751) is constantly innovating to provide protection for any type of platform.

  • Ground-hugging Centaur [ES18D4]

    Displayed by Turkish company Katmerciler (Hall 5A, Stand B821) is the Horiba Mira Centaur unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).

  • Make the connection [ES18D4]

    Netline Communications Technologies on the Israel pavilion (Hall 6, Stand D588) has launched three products this week. The man-portable OutReach long-term evolution (LTE) system (pictured) enables teams in the field to connect between users and higher echelons via a private data VoIP network. It provides communication control irrespective of any other external network. Although carried in a backpack, it can also be applied to vehicles. The system transmits video, mapping and images to enhance situational awareness command and control.

  • Bright future for new radars [ES18D4]

    RADA Electronic Industries (Hall6, Stand D707) is presenting two new products: the eCHR, evolved from its Compact Hemispheric Radar (CHR) currently in use in active protection systems (APS) and hostile fire detection (HFD) solutions for combat vehicles; and the xrMHR, a non-rotating multi-mission active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar.

  • Delivering fuel and water [ES18D4]

    WEW Container Systems (Hall6, Stand JH733), a Thielmann company, has expanded its deployable fuel and water storage and distribution system portfolio with two new products.

  • Smash hit [ES18D4]

    Israeli company SmartShooter (Hall 6, Stand D687) has confirmed that following extensive trials, its revolutionary new Smash fire control system (FCS) has entered service with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Smash is an electro-optical FCS than can be fitted to the weapon, which has a Picatinny rail, to provide the infantry person with an increased first-round hit probability against moving targets.

  • Spot the target at a distance [ES18D4]

    A night-vision solution specifically designed for standoff situations and where widecoverage air observation is required, is proposed by Shilat Optronics (Hall 6, Stand C712).

  • Anti-tank goes unmanned [ES18D4]

    MBDA has teamed with Estonian unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) specialist Milrem Robotics to develop a vehicle designed for the anti-tank role. The project marries a Milrem THeMIS UGV with the MBDA MMP anti-tank missile, the latter fired from an Impact (integrated MMP precision attack combat turret) turret.

  • Strong man [ES18D4]

    Well known for developing new technologies based on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), French company Drone Volt (Hall 5A, Stand J801) is showing some of its latest drones at Eurosatory this week.