• Linked intelligence [ES18D5]

    Brazil-based Atech (Hall 5A, Stand K387), part of Embraer, is presenting its Arkhe line, a full range of products and services for defence and public security.

  • Small red-dot sight [ES18D5]

    A long-requested requirement from customers for a small enclosed red-dot sight for handguns, prompted Sweden-based Aimpoint (Hall 6, StandG370) to introduce the Aimpoint Acro (advanced compact reflex optic) series.

  • Transport delicate gear in safety [ES18D5]

    Equipment of all kinds needs to be transported safely, no matter the environmental and climatic conditions. The Suprobox range developed by Turkish company Makel Uluslararasi (Hall 5A, Stand A760) offers an innovative solution. As the company explains: “Once placed in a Suprobox case, your delicate equipment and instruments are transported and used under complete protection from shock, vibration, moisture and impact.”

  • Zip it! [ES18D5]

    For anyone familiar with the frustration, if not embarrassment, of a zip failing, leaving a bag, tent or item of clothing gaping open or unopenable, there is a solution from CTF Enterprises represented by the US Department of Commerce’s Office of Textiles and Apparel (Otexa) (Hall 5A, StandC542).

  • Distant strike [ES18D5]

    A new concept for artillery ammunition from Norway-based Nammo (Hall 6, Stands F290/GF303), will enable a modern artillery system to hit a target with precision accuracy more than 100km away.

  • Early fix [ES18D5]

    Israel-based 3DOR Simulations (Hall 6, Stand D712) has launched an innovative simulation system for project optimisation. The system allows for the testing of products and components throughout the project’s life cycle, from planning to field operation. Researchers and developers are therefore able to identify and fix any design issues or errors at an early stage. Not only can product development be taken to the next level, but it avoids the costs of late stage changes.

  • Next-gen DAS for F-35 [ES18D5]

    Lockheed Martin has selected Raytheon to develop the next-generation distributed aperture system (DAS) for the F-35 LightningII. The system comprises six infrared cameras located around the aircraft that provide a spherical view of its surroundings to the pilot’s helmet display, by day or night.

  • Perimeter issues are not peripheral [ES18D5]

    Airport perimeter security is characterised by a blend of traditional and modern methods, says Ben Vogel. Effective perimeter protection involves rapid identification of potentially hostile or illegal activity, before the risk escalates and poses a danger to people and critical assets.


    The president’s FY19 budget request reveals top-line spending on ground systems increases from USD11.2 billion to USD15.9billion (4.7%), including many systems other than ground vehicles.

  • European teamwork [ES18D4]

    Italy’s Leonardo (Hall 6, Stand C300/B301) has just announced the inking of a new commercial partnership with Konstrukta Defence of Slovakia.

  • Interceptor marches on [ES18D4]

    Lockheed Martin’s Miniature Hit-to-Kill (MHTK) interceptor programme has moved from the Science & Technology (S&T) phase into development with a $2.6 million contract award from the US Army’s Cruise Missile Defense Systems Project Office.

  • Tenth Giraffe for UK [ES18D4]

    Saab has just delivered the tenth Giraffe AMB (Agile Multi Beam) air defence radar to the UK Ministry of Defence, making it the largest operator of the land-based version of the radar in the world.

  • US/French agreement [ES18D4]

    Raytheon and Safran have signed a memorandum of understanding at Eurosatory to work together on the development of a new generation of combat vehicle sighting systems.

  • Battlefield missions covered [ES18D4]

    Excalibur Army of the Czech Republic (Hall 5A, Stand K600) is showing the first example of the latest T 815-7 4x4 Patriot armoured vehicle, which is described as a multipurpose platform that can be adapted to a range of battlefield missions. The company is now building three standard production vehicles, which are being aimed at the home and export markets.

  • Cocked and ready [ES18D4]

    Belgian company CMI Defence (Hall 5A, Stand B267) is displaying its latest Cockerill Protected Weapon Station Generation 2 (CPWS Gen 2). This has a shell of all-welded aluminium armour and can be armed with a variety of weapons, the first example being fitted with the widely deployed 25mm M242 dual-feed cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun mounted to the left, which can be reloaded under full armour protection.

  • Elevated view [ES18D4]

    One of the more unusual outside exhibits is the UMS Viséo surveillance vehicle from Iris France (Stand S331, External Pe6A).

  • Extended air defence [ES18D4]

    MBDA has brought its EMADS/ CAMM-ER air defence system to Eurosatory for the first time, having debuted the system at the MSPO show in Poland. CAMM-ER is an extended-range version of the common anti-air modular missile that is in production for the Royal Navy as part of the Sea Ceptor naval defence system, and is part of the Land Ceptor system for the British Army.

  • Fuelled on the wing [ES18D4]

    Trials of the Airbus Defence and Space A400M tanker/ transport in the refuelling role for the Dassault Rafale fighter have recently been concluded.

  • Super Hercules fleet doubles [ES18D4]

    Last week, the Armée de l’Air took delivery of the second of four C/KC-130J Super Hercules it has on order from Lockheed Martin.

  • Electronic shield against drones [ES18D4]

    Protecting high-value assets, political meetings and other potential targets from the threat of attack from drones and small unmanned aircraft systems has become an important mission for security forces. To provide a protective electronic screen against such threats, Allen-Vanguard (Hall 5A, Stand C698) has developed a system known as Ancile.