• Move faster over difficult terrain [ES2016D3]

    Heavy-duty vehicles in rough terrain rely on advanced drivetrain systems to operate efficiently and safely.

  • One-shot rocket [ES2016D3]

    Armar Corp from Bulgaria (Hall 5, Stand J461) is showing the latest version of its Armblast shoulder-launched rocket family for the first time. The Armblast 2 TB is a single-use weapon firing a 73mm enhanced-range thermobaric cartridge that can engage a wide range of targets, including fortifications. The weapon can also engage forces in hard structures, bunkers and trenches, and armoured vehicles.

  • Fuel tank stands up to gunfire [ES2016D3]

    Aircraft and vehicles are always susceptible to enemy fire, which can rupture an integral fuel tank. Israeli firm Magam Safety (Hall 6, Stand ED617) has just introduced a lightweight self-sealing fuel cell able to withstand gunshots from weapons up to 12.7mm (.50 calibre).

  • Strong guards [ES2016D3]

    US-headquartered TriMark (Hall 5, Stand G730) is showing its TriGuard line of heavy-duty latches, handles, linkages and door modules developed for heavy armoured vehicle applications.

  • SECURITY - The future of borders, boundaries, sovereignty and security [ES2016D3]

    A review of the global security environment – from the Middle East to the European Union to Crimea to the South China Sea – reveals a world in which modern borders are in flux and the capacity of central sovereign governments around the world to control effectively all of the territory, populations, resources and institutions within their borders is increasingly tested.

  • REGIONAL FOCUS - Europe [ES2016D3]

    The Ukraine crisis and Russia continue to cast a long shadow, with the rest of Europe still reeling from the outbreak of war on its eastern borders. Threats to the east were not confined to Russia, however.

  • Extending Leclerc longevity [ES2016D2]

    In March 2015, the French Procurement Agency (DGA) notified Nexter Systems (External Stand A600) of a €300 million contract covering 200 Renovated Leclerc main battle tanks (MBTs) and 18 Renovated Leclerc armoured recovery vehicles (ARV) that aims to extend their operational life out to 2035.

  • Thunder rolls westwards [ES2016D2]

    Hanwha Techwin (Hall 5, Stand K460) has brought its K9 Thunder 155mm/52 calibre self-propelled artillery system to Eurosatory because this is competing for at least one European self-propelled artillery requirement. The Republic of Korea was the first army in Asia to field a 155mm/52 calibre self-propelled system.

  • AMV heads Down Under [ES2016D2]

    Being shown on BAE Systems’ External Stand H30 is the AMV35, which is the BAE Systems/Patria entry for the Australian Land 400 Phase 2 Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability (MCRC) requirement.

  • Cross-Channel cannon [ES2016D2]

    CTA International (Stand A600 and External P3 sud), a joint venture between Nexter Systems of France and BAE Systems of the UK, is now ramping up production of the 40mm Case Telescoped Cannon (40CTC), which will become the largest medium calibre cannon programme in Europe.

  • Unmanned technology to the fore [ES2016D2]

    Israel Aerospace Industries has a long history as one of the pioneers of unmanned technology. Its large UAVs such as the Heron have been proven in thousands of hours of operational use with a variety of customers.

  • Eurosatory! Badges [ES2016D2]

    You may remember that in 2014 the badges were credit-card sized. The resemblance goes further in 2016 with an embedded radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip. This is not only a security measure but also useful as a data-gathering tool for the organisers. You may also notice that about 60 people have photographs on their yellow-edged badges: they are the organisers.

  • Conferences are free and there is a wide choice [ES2016D2]

    The show is not only a place to discover new equipment but also to discuss new ideas. You have a choice of 56 different conferences spread over the four-and-a-half days of the show that cover 12 broad themes from cyber defence to remotely piloted air systems, from nonconventional threats to smart, safe cities.

  • Live demonstrations [ES2016D2]

    It’s all very well visiting the stands, but how much more entertaining to see the vehicles in action! You have seven more opportunities do so this week: from 15:00-16:00 daily except Friday, and from 10:30-11:30 daily.

  • Eyes of a hawk [ES2016D2]

    Being able to see both hostile and friendly forces at distance and in all light conditions is a crucial ability for commanders, supplying them with the information required to make timely decisions. Chess Dynamics has developed the Hawkeye family of long-range electro-optic systems to provide that capability for a range of land-based applications.

  • Passage to India [ES2016D2]

    Pearson Engineering (Hall 6, Stand J528) has announced at Eurosatory that in conjunction with Bharat Earth Moving Limited (BEML) it has been awarded a contract for 41 complete sets of the Surface Mine Clearance System (SMCS) for the Indian Army.

  • Long endurance from the field [ES2016D2]

    Israel’s BlueBird Aero Systems (Hall 6, Stand D680) is displaying the recently upgraded version of the ThunderB UAV. Aimed at providing the kind of long-endurance ISTAR capability normally associated with much larger air vehicles, ThunderB has a much-reduced logistics footprint by comparison, and can be operated from a single small vehicle by a team of two or three.

  • Battle management [ES2016D2]

    French company Atos (Hall 5, Stand B328) is officially launching its Bull Battle Management System (Bull BMS) at Eurosatory.

  • Rugged radio [ES2016D2]

    Codan Radio Communications (Hall 5, Stand BA607) is launching the Sentry-V military VHF handheld radio. The software-defined radio operates across the 30-88MHz range and features advanced voice-coding technology for speech clarity, and AES-256 encryption.

  • Towards invisibility [ES2016D2]

    Schoeller Textil (Hall 6, Stand JH138) has become the exclusive licence holder (except for the USA) of SSZ Camouflage Technology’s multispectral camouflage technology for action forces.