• Kateye surveillance [ES2016D5]

    Advanced Defense Systems is showing its Kateye MR, also known as Durham, in Hall 5, Stand D507. Operational with the US Army, the high-performance medium-range day/night wireless surveillance system is mobile and easy to emplace.

  • Tracking drones through the cityscape [ES2016D5]

    Small drones now present a major threat for security forces, not just to high-profile events and public figures, but also to infrastructure and city centres.

  • Recharging with multifuel [ES2016D5]

    Raytheon UK (Hall 5, Stand D658) has unveiled a lightweight and compact portable power generator (PPG) that can burn a variety of fuels such as diesel, kerosene and JP8 aviation fuel, geared for use on vehicles and by special forces troops.

  • Secure and flexible [ES2016D5]

    While national data needs protection, it is also important to have flexible communication between different nations and branches of armed forces.

  • Extra traction? No problem! [ES2016D5]

    Romania’s ACF Industrie (External Stand D200) is presenting a range of its rubber track conversion kits at Eurosatory. In just an hour, all four road wheels of a 4x4 vehicle can be changed for rubber tracks, increasing off-road capability, especially in conditions such as snow, mud and sand where grip is at its minimum and where buoyancy is an issue.

  • More Blackjack LRIPs [ES2016D5]

    Insitu (Hall 5, Stand B577) has been awarded the LRIP Lot V contract by Naval Air Systems Command for RQ-21A Blackjack. The $71 million follow-on contract award includes six LRIP systems with options for two further systems.

  • New metal detector [ES2016D5]

    Given the growing threats of IEDs and UXO, German firm Vallon (Hall 6, Stand HG760) along with French representative Neotek-EOD, is demonstrating the capabilities of its VMF4 metal detector.

  • Train the brain [ES2016D5]

    Training and simulation products and equipment are generally difficult to transport and maintain, which has persuaded Ljubljana, Sloveniabased Guardiaris (Hall 6, Stand J138) to focus on light and cost-effective mobile training that can be accomplished anywhere at any time.

  • Cross-platform operations [ES2016D5]

    A demonstration of how land forces of European nations can communicate with each other is held by Italy’s Leonardo- Finmeccanica and Bittium of Finland (External Stand D501).

  • Solar flower power [ES2016D5]

    In a fusion of solar and aerospace technologies, Smartflower Energy (Hall 5, Stand J338) developed Remules (renewable mobile ultra-light energy system), which is designed to provide sustainable energy solutions for military and humanitarian operations.

  • All-terrain sideloader [ES2016D5]

    As the military increasingly containerises its supply train and specialist systems, so the need for container lift has increased.

  • Portable road unrolls on demand [ES2016D5]

    Where roads become impassable or are non-existent, the military could do well to call upon Netherlands-based company RVM (Hall 5, Stand H490). A specialist in woven fabrics, RVM offers vehicle mobility products that help keep military or rescue vehicles on the move, no matter the road conditions.

  • Clearing remnants of war [ES2016D5]

    Swiss-German company Global Clearance Solutions (Hall 6, Stand J137) is developing platforms to handle unexploded ordnance and other hazardous debris.

  • Firm connection [ES2016D5]

    Swiss company Huber+Suhner (Hall 6, Stand J177) is showing its connectivity solutions and other advanced technologies.

  • Measure blast effect [ES2016D5]

    The impact of concussive forces on blast victims is often difficult to measure. BlackBox Biometrics (Hall 5, Stand C487) has revealed its wireless Blast Gauge System at Eurosatory.

  • ‘Blind’ driving [ES2016D5]

    US-based Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) (Hall 5, Stand CB470) is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its Mobile Autonomous Robotics technology. SwRI has fitted 15 vehicle platforms with automated driving systems since 2006, which are now deployed in seven countries on four continents.

  • Seeing the big picture [ES2016D5]

    As security threats increasingly challenge traditional means of monitoring, so it has become necessary to employ new surveillance methods that not only harness the increased capability of sensor technology, but also advances in analytic processing to reduce operator workload and minimise the chance of missing critical and unpredictable threat activity.

  • Persistent ISTAR [ES2016D5]

    Elbit Systems (Hall 6, Stand D567) is showcasing its extensive expertise in the intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, reconnaissance (ISTAR) arena, including the launch of a product that provides wide-area persistent ISTAR for applications such as border patrol, perimeter security, surveillance and counter-surveillance.

  • Multicalibre fire support [ES2016D5]

    During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Roketsan Missile Industries (Hall 6, Stand D178) undertook the development of multibarrel artillery rocket systems as part of a drive to modernise the Turkish Land Forces. The family has expanded, and now the company offers a range of systems based on three calibres of rocket.

  • Create a real sensation [ES2016D5]

    For military training to be as true to life as possible, simulators need to recreate more than just visual stimuli. Canada-based D-Box Technologies (Hall 5, Stand F96) is now empowering the simulation and training community with new-generation motion-cueing systems.