• Gold-plated flex pin (ES14E2)

    Omnetics Connector Corporation (Hall 5, Stand J638), a designer and manufacturer of micro and nano miniature interconnectors, is introducing its latching Micro-D connector, a new push-and-latch design incorporating a one-piece flex pin for greater shock and vibration resistance, and finger grips to

  • Maintaining contact, no matter where (ES14E2)

    Many parts of the world remain unconnected by terrestrial networks, but according to Thuraya Telecommunications, the Dubai-based mobile satellite services (MSS) operator, users now have a reliable ‘commson- the-move’ no matter where they are. Designed and manufactured by Hughes Network

  • Modular CBRN filtration (ES14E2)

    UK engineering and manufacturing company Gallay (Hall 5, Stand K577) has designed, built, tested and supplied a new modular CBRN filtration system to a number of major military OEMs. The system is available as modules and the filtration can be supplied with a new design of NATO No1 CBRN compatible

  • Lighting up the dark (ES14E2)

    Dubbed ClipIR, the concept of fused night vision is being demonstrated by Thermoteknix in a specially built Night Tunnel on Stand K551 in Hall 6. The company has concluded that fused I2 and thermal technology is ideal for such scenarios as dusk-to-night, heavy cloud, forest/jungle and inside

  • Mini body, maximum performance (ES14E2)

    Israel’s Aeronautics Ltd (Hall 6, Stand D758) is presenting its next generation Orbiter 2 and 3 Tactical UASs. Both systems are suited for land as well as maritime environments, requiring a very small logistic footprint and only two or three operators. The Orbiter family has already

  • Cold, fresh and pure (ES14E2)

    The French Army’s new VBCI vehicles will be equipped with the Water-Gen GEN-40V atmospheric water generation system and WTU water treatment units. The Israeli company has also announced the selection of its SPRING mobile purification system by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Home Front

  • Eyes on high (ES14E2)

    RT LTA Systems Ltd (Hall 6, Stand ED 757) has unveiled its SkyStar 100 mini aerostat for close-range ISR missions. A very compact, lightweight and portable system that can be tied to a pick-up truck or carried by two soldiers in their backpacks, the SkyStar 100 can be raised in the air within 15

  • For rank and file (ES14E2)

    Uniforms and insignia of rank have been associated with armed forces and law enforcement officers for centuries. Ten years ago, Stepahead Military Headwear of South Africa (Hall 6, Stand B591) stepped into that market with its high-quality military headwear and accoutrements. Today,

  • Mastering the hover (ES14E2)

    The HoverMast-100 from Sky Sapience (Hall 6, Stand D591) is said to be the only mobile, tethered hovering platform available in the world. Launched from most small service vehicles – such as pick-ups, UGVs, boats and USVs – the HoverMast is ideal for military, homeland security and

  • Strategic security – the role of technology in addressing evolving threats (ES14E2)

    Security is a major trend in today’s world, affecting governments, businesses and most importantly, people. Global security markets are highly fragmented, have unique market characteristics and are experiencing an increased convergence of technologies and suppliers. With the increasing

  • Tracking mini UAVs (ES14E2)

    With a proliferation of mini and micro unmanned air systems in the modern battlespace, it is increasingly important to keep track of these systems. Israeli defence electronics house Rada (Hall 6, Stand D571) is showing its RPS-42 tactical air surveillance radar system, which the company claims

  • Buttstock for rifles (ES14E2)

    Illinois-based Lewis Machine & Tool (Hall 5, Stand D573) has introduced a buttstock for designated marksman rifles. The DMR buttstock fits Mil-Spec carbine extension tube rifles of 5.56mm and 0.308in calibres and can replace existing components in a matter of seconds.

  • Microwave Technology (ES14E2)

    TMD Technologies (Hall 5, Stand KJ398) is at Eurosatory to present its microwave technology solutions, in particular its light and compact microwave power module range that can be used for travelling wave tube and solidstate applications.

  • REGIONAL FOCUS Asia Pacific (ES14E2)

    The Asia Pacific region’s status as the world’s most populous and dynamic economic zone is tempered by the fact that it is riven with unresolved territorial disputes. These – as well as continued concerns over China’s military development – are driving defence spending

  • Modern and mission-ready (ES14E3)

    Airbus Helicopters, exhibiting with its parent company on Outdoor Stand D480, is demonstrating its capability in the military sphere with a line-up of rugged, capable and mission-ready military rotorcraft. Included in the exhibits is one of its newest military helicopters, the twin-engine EC645 T2,

  • Amphibious assault (ES14E3)

    While China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) (Hall 5, Stand H850) has not been able to bring any of its expanding range of tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) to Eurosatory, it has released details of some of the latest vehicles for the first time and exhibits highly detailed

  • Piranha grows sharper teeth (ES14E3)

    To meet emerging customer requirements, General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) MOWAG (Hall 6, Stand B151) has developed its latest Piranha 3+. This is being shown at Eurosatory in the armoured personnel carrier configuration and in addition to its crew of three carries nine dismounts. The

  • Joyeux Anniversaire ! (ES14F1)

    Sous le thème du 60e anniversaire de l’Aviation Légère de l’Armée de Terre (Alat) française et dans le cadre des journées Armées-Nation, l’Ecole de l’Aviation Légère de l’Armée de Terre (Ealat), la

  • Leopard migrates eastward (ES14E2)

    Indonesia is taking delivery of 103 Leopard 2 MBTs from Rheinmetall, with the first two units delivered late in 2013 and additional vehicles following this year. Of the 103 Leopard 2s, 42 are refurbished Leopard 2A4s and are referred to as Leopard 2A4+ and the remaining 61 will be upgraded to the

  • Combatguard protects (ES14E2)

    Israel Military Industries (IMI) has unveiled the Combatguard (4x4) extreme off-road highly protected armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) at Eurosatory (Hall 6, Stand D570). Combatguard has been under development since December 2013 by IMI and the Ido Offroad Center as a private venture using internal