• Tanan and Shadow are the perfect match (ES14E4)

    Airbus Defence and Space is showing the flying prototype of the Tanan Block 2 rotary-wing UAV for the first time as the vehicle nears the completion of flight trials. Unique in being the only rotary-wing UAV designed from the outset for heavy fuel (diesel), Tanan is powered by an engine developed

  • The sting in the smoke (ES14E4)

    USA-based Combined Systems Inc (CSI) (Hall 5, Stand DC573) came to Eurosatory with a range of new products, some of which form part of the live demonstrations here. Its Venom MC launcher, mounted on a crowd-control vehicle, is a multicalibre nonlethal grenade launching system with electronic fire

  • Precision attack with Silver Bullet (ES14E3)

    Being shown for the first time is the BAE Systems Silver Bullet 155mm artillery precision guidance system. A product of the company’s Rokar division in Israel, Silver Bullet is the result of a seven-year development programme that has produced an artillery round that can achieve better than

  • MIDS for detection (ES14E3)

    Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) Ramta Division (Hall 6, Stand E738) has completed the engineering testing phase and has begun building a technology demonstrator of a multisensor system called MIDS (Mines and IED Detection System) for detecting deep buried and surface-laid mines and

  • Laser Excalibur tested (ES14E3)

    Raytheon has successfully tested the Excalibur S for the first time. This munition is a dual-mode version of the Excalibur Ib, a GPS-guided projectile fired from 155mm artillery that has been successfully employed in combat. Precision capability has been increased with the Excalibur S, which adds

  • Trophy-LV is ready to protect (ES14E3)

    Rafael has completed tests of its Trophy-LV active protection system for light military vehicles. The final round of on-the-move trials was conducted at the end of last year and Rafael (Hall 6, Stand E758) is ready for production. Trophy-LV was developed to answer a perceived need for greater

  • German double bill (ES14E3)

    Included in a selection of products shown on Outdoor Stand B310, Mercedes-Benz is displaying a new Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV) variant of the (6x6) G-Class and the latest military Unimog – both of which are being exhibited in public for the first time. This latest LRPV variant has been

  • British Army extends Panama (ES14E3)

    Automotive engineering consultancy MIRA (Hall 6, Stand C250) has announced that the British Army is to retain the company’s Project Panama route-proving and clearing system in service until at least 2030. MIRA developed the system to detect improvised explosive devices and it was first

  • Kill a fire instantly (ES14E3)

    With a name like ExAct Titan, one is reminded of the Titans, the immortal giants of Greek mythology. Finnish company Mikro-Pulssi Oy (Hall 6, Stand D321) considers its ExAct Titan automatic fire protection system the factor between life and death. Armoured vehicles are frequently under threat from

  • Making tracks (ES14E3)

    Canada’s Soucy Group offers a diverse portfolio of products, but in the defence world is best known for its track systems for armoured vehicles. Soucy Defense (Hall 5, Stand C900) manufactures a wide range of tracks, wheels and sprockets, working in metal, UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight

  • Closing comms gap (ES14E3)

    While tactical communications have improved considerably in the land domain in recent years, advances have yet to reach the air domain as quickly. With an increasing accent on joint-force operations between air and ground units, this has exposed something of a communications gap. With the

  • A wheeled line-up (ES14E3)

    Turkish firm Otokar (Hall 5, Stand G721) is showing five wheeled armoured fighting vehicles at Eurosatory, including its recently launched Cobra II and Ural. Cobra II is the follow-on to the original and highly successful Cobra, which has been built in large numbers for the home and export markets.

  • Laser inspection of barrels (ES14E3)

    For many years, inspection of gun barrels was performed by using mechanical gauges and manually operated borescopes, the latter requiring specialist operators. Laser inspection systems are becoming increasingly popular, because they provide a detailed map of the barrel, allowing manufacturers to

  • Lightweight netted armour (ES14E3)

    Bridport is displaying its latest Tarian armour system, which it claims is the lightest anti-RPG armour available. Tarian is a netted solution that is dramatically lighter than traditional bar or slat armour; its low weight allows it to be fitted to a wide range of vehicles. In turn, Tarian can

  • Clearing a swathe (ES14E3)

    MineWolf Systems, the German mine clearance and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) expert, has introduced a new counter- IED robotic arm to expand the capabilities of its MW50 Micro MineWolf remote-controlled platform. The new system is on show here at Eurosatory alongside some of the company’s

  • Taking man out of the vehicle (ES14E3)

    Developer of unmanned ground systems, G-NIUS (Hall 6, Stand E621), has unveiled a hybrid unmanned ground vehicle, along with its Core Unit robotic suite, which transforms any ground transportation vehicle into an unmanned configuration. With a low thermal signature and profile, the hybrid

  • Accurate by design (ES14E3)

    Renowned US optics company Trijicon (Hall 5, Stand A708) is offering new reticle choices for its advanced combat optical gunsight (ACOG) 4x32 LED riflescopes. The ACOG scopes now include a selection of horseshoe, chevron, or crosshair .223 illuminated reticules in red and green colour, all of which

  • Owl eye just gets better (ES14E3)

    The OWL SW1.7 CL-640 from Raptor Photonics (Hall 6, Stand AB392) is the latest addition to the Northern Ireland company’s range of highperformance digital cameras. As a very rugged, ultracompact, lowpower VIS-SWIR (visible short-wave infrared) camera with a 640x512 InGaAs sensor, it provides

  • Hellfire launch from ground (ES14E3)

    Lockheed Martin Hellfire missiles have been fired from a ground vehicle for the first time using a Moog third-generation stores management system. The SMS provides the interface between the targeting sensors, operator stations, command and control systems, and the weapon launchers. Firing tests

  • Surveillance from on high (ES14E3)

    Radar specialist Kelvin Hughes (Hall 5, Stand J488) has launched a Single Mast Solution at Eurosatory. SMS combines the company’s SharpEye SxV surveillance radar with electrooptical sensors to create a unit that can be attached to any mast system, whether it is portable, vehicle-mounted or