• Landcougar 12 (ES14E5)

    A photograph accompanying the Thursday edition of Eurosatory Daily’s report on a multitube launcher showed the Alsetex (Hall 6, Stand K48) Landcougar 12 smoothbore 56mm system mounted on a Panhard PVP. It was erroneously inserted with another exhibitor’s story. Landcougar 12 is a heavyduty system, with angle

  • A case in point (ES14E5)

    Visitors to the EDAK Switzerland Stand J141 in Hall 6 will be able to witness a live demonstration of its MilexPro transport case, which has been developed to protect all kinds of sensitive products for the military, chemical, pharmaceutical and broadcast industries. Entirely made of aluminium, the

  • Peer through the darkness (ES14E5)

    The PAGOT thermal device from Optix of Bulgaria (Hall 6, Stand K372) is ideal for special operations, military and law enforcement applications, thanks to its ability to deliver crisp surveillance imagery. It is compatible with a wide range of assault rifles and light machine guns. PAGOT relies on

  • Dealing with natural disasters – technologies to the aid (ES14E5)

    Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed – Sir Francis Bacon If there is a force out there that mankind cannot comprehend sufficiently to control yet, it is nature itself. Nature still continues to surprise mankind by unleashing its power in the form of natural disasters. The furthest that

  • Quenching demand for vehicle armour (ES14E5)

    Finnish armour specialist Ruukki Metals is showcasing its latest steel product for armoured vehicles. Produced using the company-developed direct quenching process, Ramor 450 can be used to provide a lightweight frame structure or as a separate floor shield for protection against mines. Direct

  • REGIONAL FOCUS North America (ES14E5)

    USA President Barrack Obama submitted his Fiscal Year 2015 (FY15) President’s Budget Request (PBR) of $495.6 billion (Base Budget only) to Congress on 4 March 2014. The Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) portion will be submitted when the Administration has a better understanding of troop

  • Flaring to go (ES14E5)

    Airbus Defence and Space’s Military Aircraft division has been busy this year clearing the A400M to begin tactical airlift operations. That capability is scheduled for introduction in September, when the UK receives its first aircraft. France is also in discussions to upgrade its early

  • More missions possible (ES14E5)

    BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa has expanded its RG35 family of wheeled armoured combat vehicles with the rapid development of the RG35 Motorised Infantry Vehicle (MIV). This features an all-welded steel-armoured hull, which can be provided with scalable levels of ballistic protection up to

  • NASAMS continues to impress (ES14E5)

    A recent live-fire exercise at Andøya in Norway validated again the capability of the Raytheon/Kongsberg NASAMS (National Advanced Surfaceto- Air Missile System). Four missiles were fired from Royal Norwegian Air Force launchers, and all successfully engaged their assigned targets. Raytheon

  • Shooting stars (ES14E5)

    With a history going back half a century, Brazil’s Avibras (Hall 5, Stand H657) now operates a broad range of technology, from land vehicles and missiles to remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs), C4ISTAR and space vehicles. The Avibras light armoured multi-purpose vehicles can be configured for

  • Point out the target (ES14E4)

    Rafael (Hall 6, Stand E758) is showing its Pointer target acquisition system, which can mount a range of sighting devices used by forward observers. The full-size version is partnered by MicroPointer, a smaller system intended primarily for special forces. Pointer uses advanced terrain elevation

  • Gunship is go (ES14E4)

    Jordan’s King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB), ATK and Airbus Defence and Space signed a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday to develop and produce a gunship version of the Airbus C295 medium airlifter. Earlier this year, the Jordanian Special Operations Command took

  • Sun rising in the West (ES14E4)

    Traditionally, Japan does not export its military equipment, but this could well change in the future, as the first presence of Japanese companies at Eurosatory would indicate. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Hall 6, Stand 521), which is prime contractor for many of the armoured fighting vehicles

  • In the palm of your hand (ES14E4)

    Norway’s Prox Dynamics AS (Hall 6, Stand F308) has chosen Eurosatory to launch its PD-100 Black Hornet Block II Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS), the world’s smallest operational unmanned air system (UAS). Hailed as a “game-changer” and “life-saver” by NATO

  • Push to talk gets personal (ES14E4)

    Secure, reliable voice and data communications for squad and higher echelon teams are vital in dismounted, vehicular or amphibian operations. Therefore, Portuguese defence communications company EID’s launch of the latest personal radio in its TWH-100 series comes at an opportune time. The

  • Trans-Atlantic teaming

    US company Allison Transmission (Hall 5, Stand C460) has teamed with Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) of Europe to supply its Allison 4500 SP fully automatic transmission for the TGS-Mil truck. The Allison 4500 automatic transmission will be offered in the complete family of TGS-Mil 4x4,

  • Gulf expertise (ES14E4)

    Mubadala, an Abu Dhabi-based investment and development firm, is presenting four group companies within the communications technology and defence services sectors. AMMROC, a joint venture between Mubadala, Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin, provides MRO services for fixed- and rotarywing aircraft. Al

  • Run-flat tyres for large vehicles (ES14E4)

    Some of the world’s largest military tyres, including those for self-propelled artillery vehicles and AFVs, can now be fitted with run-flats, according to UK-based Tyron Runflat Limited (Hall 5, Stand K617). The company is displaying its patented multipiece Tyron Military ATR run-flat on a

  • Culture at Eurosatory (ES14E4)

    As you walk out of Hall 5 to the outdoor exhibition area, you can see the contrasting work of two photographers, Dominique André and Yuri Obraztsov, who each take a very different and personal approach to photographing the defence and security sectors. Dominique André has travelled the

  • See, hear and feel (ES14E4)

    Realistic motion effects as part of simulation and training stimulate an operator’s muscle memory, thereby creating reflexes to enable trainees to be mission ready for actual field operations. This is the philosophy underlying Canadian firm D-Box’s offering to the military and law